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    Recently i've been banned from clickbank, due to a debt for a customer who asked a refund for a product i was affiliate with, 26 usd, and the lack of new sales incoming for covering the 26 usd , since i use more paypal now to sell. The customer support told me to open a new account. I did it...
  2. John_Vianny

    3 Affiliate Marketing Myths I Believed That Cost Me Money & Wasted My Time

    Totally agree. All these myths belong to the fact that most of people wanna an easy way without putting enough effort on it. it all belongs on persistance and take massive actions.
  3. John_Vianny

    The 5 POINTS that your Business MUST HAVE

    When you are marketing something related to consulting, coaching programs, mmo business etc. you need to position yourself as an authority. With an Unique Selling Proposition. It's a battle. And you need to be very clear on what you're pro and what you're con. Just identify these for clarify...
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    Selling Traffic Push, Pops, and Native ads from RichAds!

    does it work for MMO niche? (see my signature)
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    New To Affiliate Marketing

    Start with email marketing: there are lot of guide over there, but i suggest you to follow one with a mentor. Basically you have to find a niche, where there are products to sell, and you're good with it, and then build a list of potential customers, called prospects, and sell these products to...
  6. John_Vianny

    How I get more leads through my website?

    What works VERY GOOD now is a VIDEO on Facebook PROMOTED with the INTERACTION GOAL.
  7. John_Vianny

    Best Lead Generation software?

    The nearest thing to what you are asking is Solo Ads. The scraper software as unuseful and illegal.
  8. John_Vianny

    I made f*** you money with crypto

    It's like klondike where most people who became rich are the seller of dried to collect gold, imho: whose are rich now are those who sells method to earn with crypto :)
  9. John_Vianny

    My Success Clickbank + Bing ads $262 PROFITS for 14 days

    Good! are you building your list and the earning comes from the mail clicks or you are cold selling?
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    Let's make some money

    try to match the keyword with the ads, i mean different set of keywords for EACH ad. Every ad has its keyword, the ad must also match with the landing in the copy.
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    SKYPE - Email Marketing Group 2018

    Add me: sailorsky666 thanks.
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    One Last Attempt At Affiliate Marketing

    Why are you strugglin? It's definately a proccess of stickin to the plan and rinse and repeat, and of course get constantly update. Identify a niche and build your list with solo ads, so you choose the easiest way: go to clickonomy or udimi and rely on selleers with good reviews and buyers in...
  13. John_Vianny

    Frustrated Newbie

    You are too much OVERCOMPLICATING all. Why don't you start to identify a niche, build an Email List, nurture your leads with quality content and then sell affiliate products you trust? Are you going to build a real sustainable business or a temporary joke? Use Leadpages for landing and opt in...
  14. John_Vianny

    Success using free methods but want to do Paid ads..........

    wouldn't it better to start a lifetime business and build Your List instead the list of others with cpa?
  15. John_Vianny

    Best Native Ad to start with low requirement

    I'm looking for native ad platform which has: - low requirement: i wanna advertise in the makemoneyonline niche, email marketing as u see in my signature, so not strict policy - low minimum deposit to start. - not fake traffic (of course!) What do you think? Any advices? I tried yahoo...