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    Give Me Feedback On My Site

    The infrastructure is in place for established affiliate marketers to submit their links to the pool of available links to be used by spot owners and the established marketers will be able set what commission level is received by spot owners.
  2. bpjones101

    Give Me Feedback On My Site

    The guy that is new to affiliate marketing without a website or an account with an affiliate network can sign up at TheTopSpotOnline create a spot and start adding deals that are already available at Thetopspotonline to their spot(webpage). No need for approval from another network as...
  3. bpjones101

    Give Me Feedback On My Site

    I have launched a new website It is designed to allow anyone to become an affiliate marketer without having to join an affiliate network and have their own website. I am at the point where I need to begin my marketing campaign for my site and I need to know where to begin...
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    I am Brad Jones

    My name is Brad I am a web developer and a burgeoning online entrepreneur. I own a Web Development and Website Management company based in Raleigh, NC. A graduate of the University of Memphis BS in Computer Science. I am recently saddened by our ouster from the NCAA tournament...