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Welcome to the NEW AffiliateFix.com

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Welcome to the NEW AffiliateFix.com

Firstly i’d like to welcome you to my newest start up FixForums Ltd.

Now the proud owner of AffiliateFix the company was born to give real stability and growth potential to AffiliateFix.com and future project and communities we release. However today isn’t about FixForums Ltd it’s about what you now see in front of you!

I’d like to welcome you to the NEW and improved AffiliateFix.

About three years ago I set out with a vision of creating the best affiliate marketing forum and resource online. Today I truly believe we now have the platform, technology and community to achieve that. I’d like to introduce the new AffiliateFix. The number ONE affiliate marketing forum online!

For the past six months myself and my team (FIxForums Ltd) have been working behind the scenes on a new and vastly improved version of AffiliateFix. Everything you see we have designed, built and coded with you, the user in mind. Most noticeably we have moved from the old, outdated and buggy vBulletin forum software to the robust, innovative and better XenForo software. This enables us far more growth potential moving forward and allows us to expand the site in ways we couldn’t have before.

We wanted to create a place where everyone felt at home and a middle ground for everyone who works within affiliate marketing. What you see today isn’t the finished product as we will be editing, adding and refining the site in the coming months. New features, forums and ideas will be implemented and we will be changing things based on user feedback. We are proud of so many aspects of the new site, the design, the functionality, the NEW resource section but there’s too many to go through in one post. I will be recoding a video next week explaining and covering all the changes but until then we just want you to soak it up, continue as normal and provide us your feedback here.

Yes, there will be mistakes and bugs but we’d like to ask for your help and patience as we get things 100%! (For those of you who know me, we will never hit 100%)

Once again i’d like to thank you all for your continued support and thank my team for their hard work.

We are FixForums Ltd and THIS is the NEW AffiliateFix.com


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