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The Dojo Competition Winners and Final Announcement!

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The Dojo Competition Winners and Final Announcement!

Ok guys so firstly I want to offer you a big apology about the way in which The Dojo has been launched. To break it down as simply as possible I listened to others and didn't go with my guy instinct. I want to make it clear I am not blaming or disrespecting anyone, it was my fault and now I am correcting it!

From now on The Dojo will be released the way I want it to be, and the way I always intended it to be. I wanted to give you The Dojo as cheap as possible and now I can!


So for all of those wondering how much The Dojo will cost, it WAS going to be $47 on a monthly recurring bill......but I don't want to make money from you guys I want to make money with you! So with that being said, I have officially scrapped the recurring model and I will be charging a one of payment for Lifetime access to The Dojo.

Bare in mind we will be updating the content and guides weekly this is an amazing opportunity for those of you who really want to earn some decent money online.

The cost will be $97 One time payment.


Now we have a very clear vision of price and payment model we will launch as soon as ClickBank approve our product which i'm hoping will be this week! There will also be an early launch next week via WSO which will offer you loyal members a very cheap option.

The Dojo will be launching next week!

WSO and ClickBank

The new model has been sent to ClickBank applications and should be approved we hope this week.

As far as the WSO it is in the works currently and should be launched early next week!

Affiliate Program

Inside The Dojo will be a very lucrative affiliate program and support forum set up to assist you in promoting your own Dojo links to earn up to 50% per sign up.

We will encourage each member to try and earn monthly commissions with us and will be holding competitions for iPads etc for the best affiliate monthly.


Feel free to PM me with any questions or suggestions about The Dojo or ask here.

Competition Winners

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Firstly, thank you everyone who entered. The response was amazing! The competition post had over 3000 views in 24hours, and almost 100share/entries! Thank you.

Now to the lucky 10 who win a weeks free membership before anyone else!


Congratulations to all the winners, please check your email and CPAFix inbox for further information.
  • Andy Haskins
  • Trameil Ellis
  • dinabrokoth
  • Renovatio
  • Emvee
  • mark
  • frank6
  • Marc
  • xxpaigexx
  • LloydNess
  • iamthecoolnerd
  • geislerm
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