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So, what's a KJ Rocker and how can he ROCK you next week?

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So, what's a KJ Rocker and how can he ROCK you next week?

After the huge success of our very first affiliate expert week with the amazing Charles Ngo we're delighted to announce next weeks expert! Last week saw the Fix have a busier week than ever and over 70 of you asked Charles a question in the forum. Since the response and participation was so good we've decided to go full steam ahead with more affiliate expert weeks. We now have more than 5 experts lined up with many requesting a week of grilling on the Fix. This week it's my pleasure to interview KJ Rocker who will be next weeks affiliate expert. I've already set up his forum ready for next week, so feel free to get your questions in early by clicking here and KJ will address them all starting Monday.

So what exactly is a KJ Rocker and how will he ROCK you? Let's see!

KJ Rocker

KJ Rocker, Affiliate Marketer
Twitter: www.twitter.com/kjrocker
Blog: www.kjrocker.com

So KJ, some may have heard your a real life rags to riches case study, but let us all know how it happened?

Well it is something un believe able , whenever I think what I was and what I am now it is a huge difference , I spent 5 years of life studying in a government owned school in my village with no class rooms or anything but teachers use to teach us under tress while we used to sit in mud , to get a better idea you can that was even worst from this picture, I thank my parents and specially my grandfather who then decided to move into city for my education and they admitted me into one of the best institution of the city where I came to know this thing computer and I fell in love with it , I always wanted a job related to computers something techy .. Anyways later on life was going great until a few incidents happened where it was do or die situation for me and I am glad I did it J . Now I live run a business here in Dubai and love every moment of my life and thank god for giving me everything I always wanted.
When did you first get into affiliate marketing and how?

I used to work as a call center agent when I got free from college after exams and had all the free time to enjoy so I joined call center to pass time and learn something new. At that time I really never cared about salary and I was working to pass my free time and to get experience however later on bad incidents happened in my life due to which I had to do two jobs but still I wasn’t able to earn enough money to meet all the needs and support my family and my younger sister`s education.

As I had passion for computers from my childhood and tweaking with html/php was my hobby so I decided to use my hobby to make money and I quit both of my jobs in the times when I spend only money I had in my pocket on internet connection and started working as a freelancer where I worked on different website projects and also on marketing plans of different websites. There was a time (talking about early days of group buying sites) when I was considered as an authority over daily deals website development and marketing/Business planning, This were going pretty good mean while I got as client who was actually doing affiliate marketing and that’s how I came to know about it, and I kept searching on forums reading about it but soon freelancer.com blocked my account based on a complaint from one of my clients (I don’t remember the actually reason now I guess it had something to do with payments ) and I was again at point form where I started and I decided to this time give my 100% to affiliate marketing and applied in many affiliate networks and the first network accepted me was CPALead.
When did your campaigns become profitable and how did you build up the money to start them?

Well I started off with free traffic as I wasn’t even able to afford $3 host gator website hosting so I used free traffic and once I started making money from my free traffic using yahoo answers I think the first payment I received from CPALead was $30 , I invested that in buying domain and hosting and I created this site, And started sending it free traffic from yahoo answers and soon on next payment I had enough money to invest in paid traffic 7search that time I guess there was a special coupon Brad Stanley from 7search gave me and I got started with 7search . But to support my testing on 7search I kept working on free traffic and soon enough I was able to run a few profitable campaigns which generated good revenue for me at that time I already was working with non-incent networks as well and I can remember an offer called omaha steaks worked great for me and I ran it for almost a year constantly making money. Once I reached 300-600 /month budget I started testing PPV as traffic volume on 7search was not enough for me and ppv seemed that place where I could get tons of traffic.
Why did you start your blog?

I love sharing what I do, I always did but that time I couldn`t find anyone to share my experiences etc also I was quiet active member of a forum however I felt that there should be a own platform using which I can share whatever I want freely, For example I can still remember once I received an email from a network I never liked because its owner is a well know douche telling me about their network etc etc on my secret email I only used only for one network (that network is history you should get the hint who I am talking about lol ) so I emailed them back and asked where did you get my email and their answers were not clear enough so I did more research and found out that mailing list of the affiliates was sold to the network or may be networks shared lists etc so I shared all the details on the forum and within minutes I got warning from the moderators …. Things like that made me think to create my own blog where I can share anything I want freely.

Do you advise starting a blog or does it have it draw backs?

Yes I do advise and encourage other fellow affiliates to start their own blogs as this is something which helps you a lot with your campaigns when you are sharing ideas actually you are learning new things yourself , I personally got so many new ideas which made me loads of money while writing my own posts lol. Even if we consider the contacts you can make in industry that’s priceless and more than enough reason for a person to start blogging.
You recently moved to Dubai, why was that?

Well there were many reasons behind that, unfortunately I was operating from a country where you will have to pay taxes to the government not to facilitate you but to fill pockets of politicians and to make them treat you like crap, Plus the cash flow problems because of slow banking system and various other reasons I decided to move out, Because I had to think about my business I built from zero. When you are paying all your bills and taxes but government is not even able to provide you electricity even during working hours in my opinion it’s a huge waste of money and efforts.
How are you enjoying Dubai and would you encourage more to make the move?

Of course I love it and I will encourage other affiliates especially from Pakistan, India and other countries to move in UAE as it is tax free country and overall an investor and business friendly country with zero taxes. It is overall a good place to live and full of opportunities especially for affiliate marketers and internet related business.
Do you earn money other than via affiliate marketing and if so how?

Yes I do earn money by other means as well for example I have started providing internet advertising consultancy services to local businesses here in Dubai and I also I do a little stocks trading . However my main source of income is affiliate marketing and I am planning to buy offline businesses here in Dubai as well in coming months.
To date what would you say your biggest achievement is?

What I believe my biggest achievement is that life I am living today. I never ever thought about it and I think the I can’t thank Dear lord for his blessing over me, I have a freedom in life can do whatever I want whenever I want, Being my own boss is something I never imagined.
What do you think is the next big thing in affiliate marketing?

Mobile, there are 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide more and more advertisers are coming into mobile marketing and this trend will continue going up.
Next week you will be answering questions for AffiliateFix members, how do you feel about it since seeing the success Charles Ngo had last week?

I am very excited about it as it will be my first Q/A session ever and I am looking forward to it, I loved reading, Charles Ngo did a really awesome job and I found about his The Rise of Ngo series and I was very impressed and loved reading his series. I will try my best to answer anything and I am looking forward to questions from fellow affiliates and I would encourage them to ask anything they want.
What sort of questions should our members be asking you and what is your expertise market?

Well what kind of questions affiliate fix members should ask me I am leaving it totally on them they can ask me anything from affiliate marketing to life in Pakistan , Dubai or general internet marketing . My main traffic source is PPV so I’d love to answer questions related to PPV, however I am open to any kind of questions.
How do you see AffiliateFix benefiting affiliate marketers?

Well I have been member of this forum since it started due to busy schedule I am not always able to post regularly however I have been keeping an eye on this forum and it is a great source of motivation for beginner affiliates and all the credit goes to you guys. The best example comes in mind is EymardSiojo affiliatefix member, Affiliate fix has a big role in making that guy successful and what helped him was writing regular journals and then getting help from other fellow affiliates. Affiliatefix is the best affiliate forum for affiliates all the credit goes to Oliver and his team :)

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