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Send me Something, RedRopeAffiliates + Red Rope Affiliate Review.

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Send me Something | RedRopeAffiliates.com + Red Rope Affiliate Review.

Red Rope Affiliates is a relatively new affiliate network launched by the "Red Rope Access" company.

The network was founded in late 2011 by co owner Brooke Cole in Atlanta. Brooke has been in the online space since 2005, where she ran major online advertising campaigns for big online companies. In 2008 she made the transition from advertising to affiliate marketing as she secured a job within the iGaming industry.

She fell in love with the iGaming Casino industry and is now one of the figure heads within the affiliate marketing iGaming sector. Owning some of the biggest gambling offers and websites online.

Her next goal was to establish Red Ropes Affiliate network as the best iGaming and casino network online. After hiring a quality team behind her such as xRev's Kris Trujillo and Josh Goins, she truly means business. So when Brooke introduced herself to me a month ago we had a long chat and i was highly impressed with what she had to say!

She then told me she was sending me a package out of mutual respect for what i am doing with CPAFix. She later followed up pointing out i shouldn't in anyway feel obligated to write any sort of review on her network it was merely a gift to start of a working relation. Damn i love her style, and when you see what these guys sent me you will also!


WHOA, when i went to the post office to collect the package and was asked by the women behind the counter for multiple proofs of ID i now know why. She told me it was an expensive package so she had to be sure i was "Mr Oliver" - thanks Brooke! When i took the package to the office and grabbed the camera ready to start opening i was overwhelmed when i opened it up! The first thing i saw was the white boxes used famously by Apple, you know the ones that get the hairs on the back of your neck standing on edge?

Well you get the idea! I was amazed to find not only had they sent me a brand new iPad but a solid foldaway case to go with it. However it didn't stop here, it got better! Next to the iPad and case was a box of Dr Dre wireless headphones, and let me just state these were not the cheap ones! Not only that but Brooke sent me a nice cap with the company logo on and even went to the length of personalising the iPad with the RRA background and CPAFix icon! I have received some incredible and unique gifts in my time but this is up there with the best and i'd like to say a HUGE thank you to the RRA team.



I'm pretty sure the network homepage hasn't been worked on since they launched and if i'm being honest i'd like to say this isn't the final product. Although the site has everything it needs i think it could do with abit of work on the design front, "cough" i do amazing cheap designs "cough". The same can be said for the platform dashboard but i get the feeling Brooke isn't overly bothered about the design and is quite clearly focused very well on the main factor, making money and boy oh boy can they do that!


As it stands i have about 20 offers approved in my account. All offers are catered to the iGaming and casino niche which is what you expect. From a glance i can say that even tho this niche is typically higher payouts, these offers compete HIGHLY against others i have seen. After speaking with Brooke she told me that they have around 50 available offers to suit each and every demographic. Also she explained how they have full control on almost every offer of custom landing pages that they alter and monetize WITH their affiliates, to drive the best results! It's clear they are focused on making the most money with their pubs! The only thing i would suggest is that they work on adding some offer previews!


As they are relatively new i don't see any tools on the dashboard. However following questioning RRA about the network i was made aware of some of the amazing tools and help they have to offer. I was asking Brooke about setting up my own offer path with RRA and capturing the lead myself. She then explained that they work with every affiliate on new modifications as they control the offers. Meaning if you wish to integrate something like Aweber in with your offer they will set this up for you and you don't even need to use your own paths! Amongst this Brooke is adamant about helping affiliates achieve their financial goals and says they have the tools and experience to help anyone.


I think this is possibly one of RRA strongest points, i am even personally excited to start working with them to push offers. After talking with several members of the team i can say they honestly seem like they really want to help. I will be pushing a lot of my people their way and the support seems like it's a major priority in the networks day to day business.


RRA offers everyone on the network a Net 7 payout. This in turn enables you to scale and reinvest in your traffic. They offer publishers all main ways of payment including Wire and Paypal.


It's rare to come across a network these days that cares so much about making their publishers money. Also when it's in such an untapped niche i would HIGHLY suggest signing up and asking for help straight away! The overall way Brooke and her team do business is a credit to how quickly they are establishing the network. I personally haven't touched the iGaming niche but with RRA network open and ready to help me i cannot wait to get with Brooke and the team. I want to personally thank Brooke for putting together such an amazing package and hope this is the start of a long business relationship not only between them and CPAFix but between me and their network!
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