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Send me Something, CrushAds.com + CrushAds Review.

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Send me Something | CrushAds.com + CrushAds Review.

CrushAds is a CPA network I have been working with for several years now. CrushAds is apart of BMI Elite the company founded and ran by a good friend of mine Brandon Rosen. Brandon has built the company up from a small time workforce to a successful functioning large business. He now owns several companies and has a large team behind him.

I've watched him grow rapidly over the last year alone, moving into bigger offices and always on the look out to hire and expand his reach. CrushAds has slowly but surely been able to establish itself as one of the leading CPA networks over the last year. Now not just focusing on the offer side of things, the company made a bold decision to expand into a full service marketing company. They now even offer third party monetization in order to make sure you earn the most out of your campaigns. I have several contacts and friends who work for Brandon and they all have nothing but good things to say about him. So when he offered to send me some gifts as a thank you, I couldn't resist!


Brandon is one of these people who doesn't half ass about, if he's going to do something he's going to do it! I remember watching a video awhile back where he gave one of his long time staff members a brand new car! If he treats his publishers anywhere as good as his team then you're onto a winner! Anyway I was pleasantly surprised when the package turned up at the office. Now i've been sent some very nice bottles before but never have I been sent a companies very own distilled vodka!

Brandon explained how the vodka is the best he has ever tasted and wanted to send me out some to try. These guys could give Diddy a run for his money? Not only that, but they also sent me a really nice hoody with the CrushAds logo on it. Perfect fit and went really well with the new colour in the office as you can see! Thanks again guys for the amazing gifts!



CrushAds has just undergone a big redesign and I must say I LOVE it! The homepage is one of the best network designs I have seen in a long time. Very unique and interactive. Great job guys. I've yet to login to the new linktrust dashboard but i'm excited to see what it looks like - If it's anything like the cake one then we should be good to go.


Another network who doesn't choke us with 1000 offers shoved down are throats! Theres nothing I hate more than seeing a network with 1000+ offers in which half of them don't even track or work anymore. CrushAds boasts some great offers and I like the "Exclusive" tag they have, showing you which offers are direct.

The offers are all up to date and they have all the latest weight loss, skin and diet crazes loaded up. They even have a direct offer with Mr Shoemoney himself - pretty cool!


This is the one thing I hope to see improved with the Linktrust platform. This is why I dislike cake and prefer a custom platform - I like to see as many tools available to the publisher as possible. Of course they have all the essential post back, tracking tools etc but i'd like to see them go HAM on the new dashboard with their campaign management options etc integrated.


I think this is one of CrushAds strongest points, if you read their about page, they have a large number of qualified staff ready to serve you. I think Brandon puts a huge importance on staff and I can tell you from a personal level my AM is always there when I need her. I have dealt with a lot of the BMI staff in the past and present and they are always very quick to respond and polite.


Always on time, all options available and pay weekly with those who do volume. What more do I need to say? Brandon is legit and here for a long time!


A great network with a great CEO behind them. Brandon seems very level headed and I cant wait to watch him continue to grow the network. I'd like to see them really now push the management side of things as I think more newcomers in the industry need that assistance. If you can show someone how to make money it's very powerful - best of luck to the guys and thanks again for the swag.

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