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Send me Something, ClickDealer.com + ClickDealer Review.

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Send me Something | ClickDealer.com + ClickDealer Review.

ClickDealer is a global digital advertising agency and CPA network. I have personally dealt with ClickDealer for over a year by now and have witnessed their growth from a relatively small company to one of the industry's leaders. Starting with just one office they now have expanded across the globe and keep conquering new countries. I've always been most impressed with the personal appeal ClickDealer is known for and when the guys contacted me and offered to send me something I simply couldn't refuse. My affiliate manager is Max and he dedicates me quite a lot of time. We often talk in general and we once expressed our mutual love for coffee, you won't believe what just came in the post!


Although this isn't the biggest package i've ever received I have to admit it's possibly my favorite! Sorry other networks but when a company sends you the brand new Nespresso machine to match your kitchen colours it's a good day! ("Winning"). I had previously discussed with Max that I was thinking about getting rid of my old machine and getting one of the Nespresso machines and I should have clocked on when he asked me which colour I liked best! Anyway, it was a great surprise and later that day another package turned up with a really cool white branded hoody. i have to say ClickDealer pulled out all the stops with this one and i'd like to thank them and Max very much for their generosity.


The company just finished a large overhaul on the design front and it's a great improvement. If you have visited clickdealer.com before, apart from slick design and improved usability, you would have noticed they now have a blog and upcoming events page. Marketing Tools are coming soon and here's a sneak peek from me personally - they are finishing their affiliate portal which will provide pubs with case studies, useful info, an exclusive forum and a loyalty program with contests and prizes.
The site itself provides all the information we need to know and easy steps to get working with the team. They have also notably just moved over to Cake and it's a much improved tracking platform compared to the old one. You might have noticed a tendency that best CPA networks are switching to Cake if they still haven't.


One thing I will say is that this network is not short of offers. Personally I'm the type of affiliate who gets lost when I face pages of offers but the quality of offers here is amazing, highest EPCs I ever got. Most of the offers they have are in dating, pin submits, downloads, leadgen, and gaming verticals. They have lots of mobile offers and added pay-per-call vertical on the RingRevenue platform a couple months ago. You can access those by clicking the Log in To Pay Per Call button in the upper right corner.


Hands down one of the most responsive support teams in the industry. If I ever need any help with getting offers, campaign details or anything to do with payment Max and my other AM Alice are always online on Skype. If not they provided me with a direct contact number and email, these guys literally never sleep and a response is always instant. They would also hook me up with freshest creatives and landers as well as insides. I receive ClickDealer Weekly Digest which is a newsletter with useful tips and hints as well as a list of network's top offers with EPC and volume breakdown. Nothing more to say on this apart from the team rock!


Like above i've had nothing but smooth communications and transactions when it comes to payment. ClickDealer offer wire, PayPal and Payoneer as payment methods on monthly or weekly basis. Their minimal payout raised from $100 to $500 in July - they are here to do business and not play around. Well, their threshold has never been a problem for me and I always receive my money on time.


Overall ClickDealer is a great network that is rapidly gaining top positions on the market and is definitely becoming a force to be reckoned with. I love working with the team and I love that they think outside the box when it comes to the latest traffic trends. For example my AM was keen to start me on retargeting campaigns and other methods most networks wouldn't even be up to date with! I'd like to personally thank Max and the team for my gifts and can't wait to see what they come up with next!

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