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Send me Something, Arviate + Arviate.com Review.

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Send me Something | Arviate + Arviate.com Review.

Arviate.com is a new affiliate network founded by Arvie Bibanco Vallo, a young internet entrepreneur from the Philippines.

Founded in late 2012, the network was in building mode with views the launch out in 2013. Arvie is an affiliate himself and wanted to build a new network with fresh ideas. He already has a small team of staff behind the network, mostly ex affiliates and is ready to make 2013 his breakthrough year.

Arvie has a business background after studying entrepreneurship at university and having already created some successful online companies. He is now concentrating on building out the network and promises us some great things in the near future.

He contacted me awhile ago and said he wanted to send me something special, so naturally I was very excited. The package arrived on a Monday morning, and it certainly put a smile on my face!


I opened the package to find a small box containing some Giorgio Armani aftershave. Arvie had previously bought up in a Facebook chat what after shaves i wear etc, I had no idea he was planning on sending me a brand new bottle tho.

He went on to add how this exact bottle was his favourite after shave and he collects a lot of bottles. This was a very nice touch, and the man has great taste as it smells incredible!

This wasn't the only thing I received tho, underneath the aftershave was a black hoody custom printed for myself. This hoody is SICK! On the front it displays Arviates killer slogan "Grind More", and on the back there logo. I have to say i wear the hoody most weeks and i'd love another one if i'm being honest. After sharing the image of my hoody online I have several requests to send one to others.

Well here's your chance, Arvie has said to me the first 100 affiliates to sign up to his network and receive payment($100 min), will also receive a brand new hoody just like mine!


Sign up here: First 100 affiliates get a "Grind More" hoody!

I'd like to thank Arvie for the really cool gifts and time he spent personalising everything.


The design is very sleek and modern. The homepage although doesn't yet have enough content is very attractive on the eye and appealing. On the inside I was a little disappointed to find the default has offers dashboard, but the guys have included the header and changed some of the cell colours to match. Overall I feel it could do with a bit of custom work but i'm sure they have this planned for the future.


Now I know for a fact the guys are constantly working to add more offers into their network but they strive to get the best at the best payouts. I can see they have gone for the sensible approach with offers and not just added hundreds of poorly converting options. They seem to have picked all the current booming niches like skin tone and green coffee etc, which is great and they all seem very competitive rates and payouts.

I much prefer this approach to shoving in multiple offers that aren't really relevant! Like I say they are working hard on new offers but so far so good guys!


Although they are lacking slightly in choice they do boast a very nice looking campaign manager, that allows you to easily split test and track creatives for one campaign. I think this is a very nice idea and looks simple to use. I would like to see them focus a little on adding some new a revolutionary tools in the coming year.


Currently Arvie has a few affiliate managers helping him out, and they are all very active within the industry. There isn't a day where I can't get hold of his team if I need to. Inside the dashboard you are assigned an affiliate manager where you will see his/hers contact information in full and even a personal telephone number.


I have yet to push any traffic with Arviate so it wouldn't be fair to comment on the payment. However they are boasting weekly/daily payments if affiliates hit a certain amount of earnings.


Overall I would say Arviate is a work in progress. They have certainly made a great start but I would like to see them working on a better dashboard and some unique tools. There are so many start up networks so you have to establish some uniqueness. Arvie seems like a great guy who's very determined so I feel 2013 could be a big year for the network. I wish them the best of luck and would like to thank you for such nice gifts!
Don't forget to get a hoody yourself: First 100 affiliates get a "Grind More" hoody!
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