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Post Competition Winner Announced.

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Post Competition Winner Announced.

So, last week we announced our very first posting competition on AffiliateFix. The rules were simple, post the most quality posts over the week and win $100. We were blown away with the participation and even more the quality of the content that was being posted. AffiliateFix has always maintained a very high standard of posts and that is very important to us. Unlike some other fly by night forums who use blackhat and unethical tactics like "post thanks" to get their post count higher, we believe in less is more.

However we wanted a fun competition to enhance the engagement across the boards, and boy did it do that! Several of you members started the week in the top 10 rankings but in the end it came down to a three horse race. The three guys managed to combine over one thousand posts in the last few days, let's take a look at the final standing on the top posters board.

    • Darster: 373
    • lrs1995: 346
    • mlaghfiri: 339
    • blvdjeremy: 113
    • azgold: 76
Congratulations and thank you to the top 5 participants and everyone who contributed to an amazing competition and week on the Fix. Originally I'd said we were giving the winner and just the winner a prize but after talking with AffiliateFix moderator Darster he sportingly agreed with me that all 3 guys in the top 3 should get a slice of the prize.

I'd like to thank Darster for his generosity and commitment to the site.

So, the final prizes as agreed by me and Darster are,

    • Darster: $50
    • miaghflrl: $50
Darster reached out and told me how Irs1995 had expressed he was desperate to join The Dojo and we both agreed as a newcomer to the forum he showed the desire and commitment which meant he was ready for a break and a step up in the marketing world.

Thanks again to everyone who entered and look out for more competitions very soon.
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