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Meet Luke Kling of LukePeerFly.com, your next Affiliate Expert!

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Meet Luke Kling of LukePeerFly.com, your next Affiliate Expert!

Next week we welcome AffiliateFix super moderator, no.1 affiliate manager in the world, the guy behind affposts and FPTraffic and serial entrepreneur Luke Kling to participate in affiliate expert week. Luke is one of the most respected people in the affiliate marketing industry and he's answering your questions all next week right here on the Fix.

Read our interview below and get your questions in for Luke!

Luke Kling

Luke Kling, number one affiliate manager and serial entrepreneur.
Blog: www.LukePeerFly.com

Welcome Luke, it’s probably impossible to find an AffiliateFix reader who doesn’t know who you are, but why not make an introduction and tell us how you found affiliate marketing,

For about 10 years now I’ve been an active member of the affiliate marketing community. I’m only 25 years old so that’s about 40% of my life. I started learning how to build websites when I was around 13 years old. I knew right away that I would be building websites as a hobby for the rest of my life.

I struggled to make any money from my sites for awhile. I actually started selling them to make money when I was in high school. I sold one of my sites to one of the biggest affiliate network owners at the time and that’s really what got me going in affiliate marketing and affiliate management.
So you were an affiliate first right? Do you still run daily campaigns?

I’m sure I dabbled with affiliate marketing prior to becoming an affiliate manager, but I didn’t really see the potential then. My focus was building sites, throwing AdSense on them, and trying to sell them. I started working with the affiliate networks and exploring paid traffic avenues and that’s when I really started to see the potential. I ran AdWords campaigns for awhile back when they were a lot less strict and jumped on Twitter and Facebook early. The next new source is always the most fun.

I run campaigns pretty often, but I wouldn’t really say I run them daily. I’ve got a lot more responsibilities now and I don’t have as much time to manage my own campaigns. Whenever something new pops up that I think has potential I’ll dedicated some time and money into playing with it though.

Tell us about how you got the job at PeerFly and then become director and the world famous affiliate manager?

I was working as an affiliate manager for another network when I met Chad French, the founder and CEO of PeerFly. Chad had recently started PeerFly and was looking for some offers to add to it. I loved everything about PeerFly the first time I saw it. I’m a developer and I saw the potential with building a custom network platform, which Chad had done. The platform was simple, but very effective. The design of the site and logo were also simple, but very engaging. It was the perfect storm and I wanted to be a part of it.

Chad and I discussed me coming on as affiliate manager for PeerFly shortly after we started working together and I believe it was probably one of the better decisions the two of us has ever made :)

There’s so many affiliate managers out there, how have you become such a big name in the industry? What do you do differently?

I’ve made it my goal over the years to take every opportunity handed to me and turn it into a win-win situation for the publisher and the advertiser. I’m very passionate about this and actually take my time to try to make it work. A lot of AMs are just there to put in their 40 hours a week. I strive to provide value because I know the more money that both the advertiser and publisher make, the better off I’m going to be and obviously PeerFly as well.

I’ve also dedicated a lot of time into building my own brand as an affiliate manager. If I put myself out there then I’m going to be held accountable for doing a good job.

A lot of people question why you haven’t set your own network up, is this something you’d do in the future?

I’m not interested in starting my own network. I’ve worked hard to help get PeerFly where it is today and I can only imagine where we will be 5-10 years from now. I know that I can provide the most value doing what I am doing and that’s what’s going to yield the biggest return. Besides, what the hell would I do with all my LukePeerFly stickers? ;)

Everything looks golden for you Luke, has it always been that way?

A common misconception of affiliate marketing is that it’s easy. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. I spent the majority of my college career juggling a full-time class schedule and what essentially was a full-time job managing every single PeerFly publisher. For my first 3 years at PeerFly I was the only affiliate manager and at one point I was managing over 30,000 accounts. I was getting hundreds of emails a day and my cellphone never seemed to stop ringing.

I worked hard and now I have a team of people that work under me to help manage our 50,000+ active publishers. Hard work paid off :)
Recently you launched affposts and FPTraffic, tell us about the two new additions to your portfolio?

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a developer at heart so I’m always working on a new project. It’s more of a hobby than anything else, but I like to develop tools that I know will help affiliates in the industry.

About a year ago I decided that the affiliate marketing news aggregates were not up to par with what I wanted so I created my own, affposts. I’d been using affbuzz for years to stay up to date with industry blogs, but affbuzz was dying a slow death and really needed an update.

Affposts has a clean user interface so it’s easy to use and has some much needed unique features. For example, you can subscribe to the affposts newspaper and get an email every morning with all the top affiliate marketing blog articles from the day before (including AffiliateFix’s latest posts!)

FPTraffic is my biggest and most aggressive project to date. I’ve been building, growing, and monetizing Facebook Pages for a few years now and I’ve made a lot of money from them. I even got a free trip to LA to be a red carpet because of one. There were a few tools that I knew would make my life a lot easier with my Pages and make me a lot more money so I decided to create one tool (FPTraffic) and then build everything into it.

My goal with FPTraffic is to continue to provide all the tools and information needed to build, grow, and monetize Facebook Pages. I reach over a million people a day with my Pages and I use them as an example to show you how you can do it too and how you can make money doing it!

I’m wrapping up development on a giveaway tool that will be added to FPT that will allow you to create and launch giveaways on your Pages. I’ve been doing giveaways with this same script on my Pages for years now and I’ve generated a ton of revenue and on a single Page built an email list of over 40,000 people. FPT members will be able to create a giveaway in a few minutes whereas it took me over a year to perfect the script :)

How do you manage all these projects along side your PeerFly responsibilities and your blog?

I have a very patient and supportive wife :) I spend the majority of my night after I get home from the PeerFly office working on my projects. I prioritize what I need to do and I do it. Learning how to prioritize and be productive is a key ingredient in accomplishing your goals. It’s a lot easier said than done, which most of you probably know because more than likely there’s something else you could be doing that would be more productive than reading this.

Create a physical todo. Yes, actually write down on a piece of paper the things you need to get done and set aside time to do them. Once you start do not allow yourself to get distracted.

If you’re really interested in learning about productivity and how to manage your time, check out Charles Ngo’s blog. I’m not on the level Charles is, but I’m usually able to juggle my responsibilities pretty well.

So to date, what would you say your biggest achievement is?

One of my favorite quotes is “happiness is the journey, not the destination.” The past year has been absolutely amazing for me. I’ve reached quite a few of my personal goals I had set for myself in college. Now that I am past that, I am setting new goals for the next year and things I want to accomplish by the time I’m 30.

That being said, I think my biggest achievement recently and the one I’m most proud of is that my wife and I bought a home last year.

You must get to see a lot of campaigns etc as a PeerFly director, what’s really hot right now?

One of the many benefits of my job is definitely that I can see the trends in the industry and have some numbers to back them up. For our publishers, 2013 was a big year for dating. We crushed dating and a lot of publishers made a lot of money.

With the recent changes at Facebook we are seeing a slight decrease in dating and an increase in gaming traffic (apps and browser based games do best). Our dating traffic is still pretty big from POF, PPV, and media buys.

PPV is also being somewhat resurrected. It seemed to have died down a bit, but more and more publishers are driving PPV traffic lately and it seems to be performing pretty well across the board.

What do you see being hot this year and what’s getting bigger?

Mobile apps are huge. Facebook just spent $19,000,000,000 on a mobile app. Developers are paying $2+ for a FREE install. We’re definitely going to see more and more mobile traffic as phones and wireless technology advance.

I also think online dating is going to keep growing. We’re steadily reaching a point where traditional dating is dying out. Some of my friends from college and high school who I never thought would do online dating are setup on all the big sites/apps. It’s only going to grow.

Next week you will be answering questions on AffiliateFix for our members, are you looking forward to it?

Yes, I’m interested to see what questions I haven’t already answered on the forum! :)

What sort of questions should our members be asking you and what’s your expertise market?

I try to dabble in pretty much every part of affiliate marketing because it’s my job to know and train people to know the questions that affiliates are likely to ask. I hope there are a lot of questions about Facebook Pages because that’s my most recent interest, but I’ll give my best effort to answer any question. If I don’t know the answer I have about 50,000 people I can ask.

You’ve been a member of AffiliateFix and super moderator since the beginning, how do you see forums like this benefit affiliates etc?

I paid quite a bit of money to go to college and learn everything I was going to need to know to get a job. It turned out that I could have spent most of that time roaming affiliate marketing forums and I would have been able to learn most of what I needed to really know for my job.

There is plenty of information out there that isn’t worth your time, but as you sift through the threads on affiliate marketing forums like AffiliateFix you’re likely to read something that will spark your imagination or at least learn something new that you could potentially apply in the future.

Here’s a great example: I read something about Facebook Pages in The Dojo awhile back that really caught my attention. I had been posting content on my Facebook Pages for years and never tried this particular method. To be honest, I had never even thought of it or seen it. A few days later I was going to post some content on one of my Pages and it just hit me: try that method with this photo. BOOM!!! 10,000+ Likes.

I would advice anyone to join The Dojo now if they want to get a head start in affiliate marketing.

Our industry is constantly changing. Affiliate Forums like AffiliateFix will help you keep up with the changes and ahead of the trends.

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