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JuicyAds.com Case study + Juicy Ads Review.

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JuicyAds.com Case study + Juicy Ads Review.

Im going to explain to you how you can very easily create a profitable adult media buying campaign, using the sexiest advertising network on the planet JuicyAds.com.

Juicy Ads is arguably the top advertising marketplace for adult campaigns online and "adult advertising". Specialising in the direct buying and selling of media space within the adult industry. They also offer a RON (run of the network) options for those with bigger budgets and who are more experienced media buyers with adult traffic. They have won numerous awards and boast a very easy to use interface providing their services to over 41000 websites pushing in excess of one billion impressions daily!

If you are new to the adult scene or to media buying i strongly advice starting on JuicyAds before you attempt some of the more aggressive platforms such as ExoClick. It really is very simple to use and you can start a campaign almost instantly and receive clicks within minutes. I am going to run through with you exactly how you can easily stack that money with little investment or knowledge.

I am providing you with my creatives, bids, strategies and more, but i strongly advice you not to copy this campaign as it is no longer eligible. Although i am definitely encouraging you to take my methods and flip them in your own way to create new profitable campaigns. My Juicy Ads review is very positive and i advice you to jump in and start earning.


This was a profitable campaign i ran for 3 weeks on JuicyAds, i used the RussianBrides.com dating offer from Peerfly and MaxBounty. However although profitable the advertisers alerted me that they didn't accept this kind of adult traffic so i could no longer run the offer. This is why i am using it as an example of how you can easily profit in the adult media buying space.


The first thing you need to do is pick and offer, now i would strongly advice using an adult dating offer or something of the same kind. I would suggest that 90% of the sites on JuicyAds are porn related so you want something thats going to take the users attention away from their "viewing". Again i would suggest checking the offers landing page and making sure it has some nudity and sex appeal.Lovey dovey dating offers with picture of old couples holding hands in the park just wont convert on here.

If your budget is small i would also suggest picking an offer that converts in multiple countries including the big boys, UK, US, CA and AU, this is because generally sites with high traffic in the golden countries will charge you a lot more than those with mixed traffic.
Another point is to pick a short form or first page submit offer, people who are browsing porn sites don't want to sit through pages of questions before they hit gold. Niche related offers work great on JuicyAds if you can pair them off with a targeted traffic.

Your best idea would be to contact your affiliate manager and tell them you are advertising on juicy ads, suggesting they pick out a few top converting offers for this traffic. Something like JustHookUp or BeNaughty always work well but i try to stick to niche related offers and pair them to similar sites.

To sum up: Adult dating, nudity, multiple countries, short form, niche.

My offer: RussianBrides.com - $5.50 < NSFW


Now you have found a decent offer you need to find some nice available space to buy.

Simply go to Buy Ads in the navigation and use the search function on the left.
To get the best results for your offer input the targeted keywords AND countries initials in the search field separated by commas. A pro tip is to include the countries initials in the search bar along with selecting it on the "by Country" field. This will bring up better results and find traffic within your selected countries and niche. I simply searched for the keyword "russian" and selected US in the country field, this is because i know my target audience will be interested in russian women and my offer converts in US among other countries. The results showed multiple suggested sites to advertise on but i found a highly targeted site for russian girls with traffic mainly from US, UK and Germany, so i knew my offer would convert if i could get clicks.

Prices are generally pretty fair on Juicy Ads but always try to get the best deal for the ad placement. My banner spot would cost me $14.61 a week with an average of 96/clicks daily, this worked out at an average CPC of 0.015. So all i needed was 3 conversions and i would already be in profit.

To sum up: Target Niche, country, placement, low CPC.

My Traffic: Russian-nude-girls.com < NSFW


Now you have your selected offer and traffic source, you need to think about creatives. When it comes to creatives i always use a simple landing page and build from the offer page back.

To explain this point, i take a look at the offer page and the type of women, images, colours and calls to action used and try to somehow imitate them on my landing page and banner. I've tested this and it personally brings me higher conversions as i believe it keeps the user interested in the end result. Think about it if you click a banner your interested in the banner, you want the lander to hold the same interest, if you click through the landing page your interested in the offer hence your more likely to fill out the offer. I always tend to use small animation and not go over the top. It is highly important to test all your creatives and try multiple options.


Visit the site you are advertising on and view your competition, you want to create a banner that will "be keeping" but "stand out" with the site. Now i know that sounds contradicting but what i mean is its sometimes good to use the same colours the site has but with a strong call to action. This creates a more trusted feel to users on the site rather than a none related. blatant outside advertiser.

If you don't design yourself try using our free banner generator tool to create some nice banners. I always use small animation to grab the users attention and minimal text apart from the call to action. Always use sexy females with big attributes, studies have shown women with large breasts will get considerably more clicks than those without.

To sum up: Minimal text, small animation, sexy female with large attributes.

My Banner: RussianBrides.com Banner < NSFW

Landing Page

Weather you use a landing page or not is up to you, but i strongly recommend it. It gives the user a chance to come to terms with what they are being offered rather than shoving data fields straight in their face. I also strongly advice buying a decent domain for your landing page and framing(if allowed) the offer page on your domain under another extension. Create a simple but effective landing page again using images and girls similar to the offer page but here is your chance to get really raunchy and sell them the product before they need to sign up. Again use small animation and a strong call to action. The idea is to make the user want to click on to complete the sign up. Using girls names and accounts that are on the offer page is another nice tip. If you need landing pages designed why not try our free landing page generator tool.

To sum up: Decent domain, simple, small animation, strong call to action.

My Landing Page: RussianBrides.com Landing Page < NSFW


If you know what you are doing you can set up things like prosper202 etc, but its not overly necessary for this as JuicyAds have some nice inbuilt statistics along with your networks. You will need to test multiple creatives and record which have the best results, an easy way of doing this is to set one banner per day and at the end of the day record the amount of clicks, conversions and impressions that banner has. All this information is accessible within the JuicyAds "managemyads" section. You are trying to achieve the highest CTR meaning for every time your banner is viewed how often is it clicked through to the landing page. I would suggest running your ad for at least a week and trying out multiple creatives until you find your best combination.


For this campaign i tested 6 different banners and 2 landing pages, after the first week i found i could achieve on an average day with my best combination a CTR of 0.35%. I ran the offer for another 2 weeks before it was pulled.I was averaging 80-90 clicks a day with at least one conversion. In my final week of the campaign i made 12 conversions on MaxBounty which netted me $66 at $5.50 per conversion. So considering i was paying $14.61 a week you can see how easily these media buys can become profitable. My next step would be to scale this up onto higher traffic platforms and to see if it worked on other sources aswel.

My Results: Spent - $43.83, Earned - $121

Do not hesitate to ask any questions or advice here, like i said it can be so easy to create profitable campaigns on JuicyAds but it does take some initial research and testing. Sign up below and don't forget to create a case study so we can follow along and help.
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