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Jay and Tuan SMASH take on Affiliate Expert Week!

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Jay and Tuan SMASH take on Affiliate Expert Week!

So guys i'm very excited to announce that next up to take on the AffiliateFix Expert Week challenge is the internet famous duo of Tuan and Jay from SMASH revenue. Jay and Tuan are joining the star studied line up of affiliate experts to have participated in our expert weeks including, Charles Ngo, KJ Rocker, Zac Johnson, Greg Davis and our very own Luke Kling.


I've known Jay and Tuan for about a year now and both are seriously clever guys. Having built up a solid reputation the two partners run several online ventures including an adult media buying resource, affiliate marketing blogs and their very own affiliate network!

Jay and Tuan are most known for their involvement in the adult space and are both vastly experienced in adult media buying. Having both achieved HUGE success online they are no stranger to the finer things in life including exotic cars, luxury condos and other things that make a mans heart tick ;)! You can see a small collection of Jay and Tuan's cars in the success thread Jay posted on the fix.

I'm extremely excited and happy to have them on the forums and can't wait to see what everyone learns from the guys. I will be posting an interview with them on the blog tomorrow so you can really get to know the ins and outs of these two successful entrepreneurs. I anticipate lots of adult marketing related questions but also feel free to quiz them on entrepreneurship, starting an affiliate network and building a brand!

Jay and Tuan Expert Week

When: Monday 18th of August - Friday 22nd August
Where: Jay and Tuan Forum

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