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Interview with Kris Trujillo + XRev Media.

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Interview with Kris Trujillo + XRev Media.

I'm very excited to be able to introduce our next guest on CPAFix to be interviewed, Kris Trujillo. Now a lot of you may know Kris from his earlier days as a serial affiliate marketer and quality blogger over on Cash Tactics. Kris's blog was personally one of the first blogs i would regularly read when i was getting into "internet marketing". Unfortunately he currently doesn't have time to update the blog so let's find out exactly what's taking up all his time. For those of you who are still wondering who is Kris Trujillo? This interview is a must read.

So Kris, i personally know you as the guy who used to blog at cash tactics and then started Xrev Medianetwork. I know there are a lot of gaps in-between so fill the readers in with exactly who you are, and your journey?

I started in affiliate marketing several years ago. Was trying to find something to supplement my income like I'm sure most people in the industry started. I was a delivery technician so I was on the road a lot and newly married at that time. Anyways, to make an EXTREMELY long story short… I've done it all… I've created EBooks, ran free traffic, ran paid traffic, consulted for SEO, flipped websites, built websites for small businesses… And brokered CPA offers. I've been in the CPA Network space for 3 years originally starting as F5 Ads and brokering links to friends that couldn't get into networks. Ralph Ruckman gave me cashtactics so I was pretty well known to a lot of networks then and it was really easy for me to get accounts… anywhere.

So way before the network what where you doing and how where you earning money online?

Right before brokering offers to affiliates I had joined up with two ebook junkies Adeel Chowdry and Bobby Walker. Together we created MassPPVTraffic which brought in a couple hundred thousand dollars on launch. We ended up selling the site to another ebook junky on the 4th day. Was the most money I have ever made in 4 days for only 12 hours of work. Shortly after that I partnered with WebHost4SEO.com and created an autoblogging tool that was built directly into CPanel. We could sit down and create 20 automated blogs in 10 minutes. The software was incredible!

What exactly made you start the network, was there no other network offering what you wanted?

A good friend of mine kept telling me to start up a CPA network… So I did… He said he was going to run offers through me so it was a no brainer. I knew how much money he could make each month so I took the plunge and purchased a hasoffers license. [

Unfortunately he retracted what he originally said he was going to do because "I was a new network and he didn't want to run with a new network"… So I decided to broker an offer to another good friend of mine that was running Credit Report.

About 2 months later I flew out to a conference in Atlanta in November and met several people that were starting in affiliate marketing and got them all to join the network. With a little bit of couching I was able to supplement my other affiliate monies with the network.

For the purpose of our readers, how easy was it for you to start your own network and what sort of budget do you need?

Brokering offers is easy. Making real worthwhile deals is not so easy. There is a lot of risk that is taken on by the network. It is the network's job to spot fraud, and take on the payment challenges. Think of a network as a bank. They will loan you money until they get paid… Sometimes they pay you weekly and don't get paid till 60 days later. If I was to do this all over, I would make sure I had AT LEAST $500,000 to float around.

We've seen Xrev CPA Network come along way in the last year, and you're now moving into your brand new offices, but what ups and downs have you occurred on the way?

It's always an issue with payments. Cashflow is a big deal to a network. We pay quicker then we are paid as I've stated. When someone holds onto $100k or even $20k for too long it can make things a little tricky to manage. But I think we have it down for the most part. We have deep enough pockets now to not be stressed out if a payment is late.

We see you work with Josh a lot and others like Ian Fernando, but what business relationships have been most valuable to you?

A lot of who we broker to is other networks. We own several of our own offers including Green Coffee, Colon Cleanse, Bizop, Premium SMS, and a CoReg Path. If it wasn't for our close working relationships with other networks we would have to put in a lot more work to get things going over here. We've worked over the last couple years to build some pretty strategic partnerships for our internal offers.

There are so many networks out there already, why do we need another one Kris?

I'll tell you the same thing I tell other affiliates. Find a network you like and stick with them. Be loyal to who you work with and they will treat you right. Our affiliate base is treated right by us. We pay out to affiliates even when we aren't always paid. We don't keep 1 affiliate manager for 1000 affiliates. Each affiliate manager handles a small number of affiliates.

We all joke about EWA's "5 more spots this month" but it's true for XRev Media. We only let on a small group of affiliates in at a time. We don't want to grow so big or so fast that we can't handle our own expansion properly. We like to keep a high caliber affiliate base running at all times and because of this we really don't have room for people in the network to just come in and have a look around.

We have direct offers for people to run and if they tell us they want to run something they have a small time frame to get something going… Otherwise, it's "adios".

Our affiliate base is mainly built by referrals. If you want to be treated right with true exclusively owned offers then XRev is where the money is at.

As an entrepreneur if you had to advise others on starting a business what would be your key pointers?

Five little tips that have always worked for me and I try and do every day…

1 - Be organized in all things. Sort files, keep folders, take notes, give yourself reminds
2 - Seek legal council. A strong legal base can protect you in the end.
3 - Surround yourself with success. Keep positive people in your life and business environment. If someone is being negative kick them to the curb.
4 - Ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask those that have done what you are trying to do. Learn all you can about your business.
5 - Delegate. Don't do everything yourself. There is only one of you and 24 hours in a day. Sometimes you need to delegate work to other people to get the job done.

We all saw you did a great job as an affiliate from your blog, but if you had to coach a new affiliate with a small budget, what would you show them?

There are literally hundreds of sources for free traffic. If I had to show someone how to make money online I would show them free traffic sources. They usually take more work, but can also be very profitable. My first week online I made $700 from Yahoo Answers… The money is there, it just takes a dedicated person to claim their portion.

Thank you.
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