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How to find keywords + Ubersuggest Keyword Tool.

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How to find keywords + Ubersuggest Keyword Tool.

So i think we are all aware that there are many "paid" keyword tools out there. However i'm sure i'm not the only one who wanted to find out how to find keywords for free. In this blog post i am going to show you exactly how to find the best keywords using 100% free tools.

I'm also going to introduce some of you to a great free "keyword suggestion tool" shown to me by my affiliate manager and trusty CPAFix moderator Luke Peerfly. Me and Luke were discussing how to find profitable keywords without using paid or subscription tools.

The obvious one is the Google AdWords keyword tool, however not everyone is clued up on how to use it. I also want to show you a great little browser based tool called Ubersuggest. The Ubersuggest keyword tool is possibly the best free keyword tool on the net! It's extremely easy to use and gathers even more data than google itself. How this tool is allowed to be online scraping Google, i do not know but all i do know is it's awesome and i'm going to show you exactly "how to use Ubersuggest keyword tool".

Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool is by far the most used free keyword tool on the market. Quite simply start out by adding 6-10 keywords that surround you offer or niche. I always try to use a few longer tailed keywords as the competition will be lower. Remember the competition rank that is shown on the results isn't always an indication if there is much search competition. The best way to test this is to search the actual keyword and see how many searches are returned. Although if you're using these keywords for paid traffic such as PPC i would suggest only using medium or low keywords.

Select all the suggested keywords and click the download tab. Then download them in your preferred format and input them into your campaign.

You will need to track each keyword and seed out those that either cost to much or don't bring you traffic. Either way you can find some little gems targeting more long tail keywords.

Ubersuggest Keyword Tool.

Ubersuggest is an amazing little tool introduced to me by Luke. It works on the basis of a user entering a primary keyword. For example the generic search term. It then scrapes Google and spits out some unique and great quality longer tailed keywords. This is therefore perfect for your campaigns, using PPC traffic that requires 100's of keywords to get traffic. It also couldn't be easier to save the keywords and load them up.

Simply search for your term and then click on select all keywords followed by get. Copy and paste the keywords into your campaign.

With this tool you can easily find some amazing keywords that even Google can't provide for you. It's 100% free and a truly great resource.
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