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Goodbye CPAFix. Hello AffiliateFix!

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Goodbye CPAFix. Hello AffiliateFix!

For the past two years I have been working along side my members and team to create the number one affiliate resource online. We've been through several changes but none more so than the latest switch to AffiliateFix.com. CPAFix has become a recognisable site and brand and we are amazingly proud and pleased to take the next step in our mission.

Why, what, how?! I hear you ask, well let's look into it more as I explain exactly why we made the switch and what you can expect moving forward.

Why We're Retiring CPAFix

The website was first launched in 2011, when it began as a small forum for me and my mates over on CPALead. We would discuss methods, earnings and general internet marketing on a daily basis. I kept the forums closed but soon had multiple requests to open up the membership and the site became extremely popular overnight. About six months later we underwent the first major transformation from the site below.

But today we're retiring CPAFix and merging with AffiliateFix going forward, for several reasons.

    • Branding is everything, and everyone is in agreement AffiliateFix is a far stronger brand moving forward. We acquired the high priced premium domain and with it took an identity and name that will allow us to push forward.
    • AffiliateFix opens up far many more doors for the future than CPAFix. Although CPAFix is a great name it in itself is a type of affiliate marketing and we want to appeal to everyone within this industry.
    • Affiliate marketing is bigger than just CPA itself. This new identity gives us a real personality to be the number one resource and brand within the industry. The opportunities are now endless and we can place down some proper foundations for the future.
    • AffiliateFix will demand respect as a new identity. As CPAFix people may have taken us lightly with come what cheap design and branding. Now we have pumped thousands of pounds and years of knowledge and feedback into building something professional, clean and scalable.
What we do not want to do is get rid of that family mentality CPAFix had. We are still the same people and we still want to look after the same people. The ethics haven't changed at all, the game plan just got a lot more serious and we want to create history together.

The Mission and Vision for AffiliateFix.com

AffiliateFix's main goal and mission is to bring the industry together and strengthen.

We've worked hard to try and set the platform for a brighter future for affiliate marketing. The goal is to be the number one resource online and a place where all kinds of affiliate marketers and industry folk unite. Together we can create the ultimate affiliate marketing hub bringing everyone together and working towards are goals. We want to provide a free solution for affiliates, networks, merchant, designers, advertisers and everyone in between. This is just the beginning now, but we now have a platform to build out from. In the not so distant future we want to achieve and see the following happen,

    • Meeting Place - We want to become the meeting place for everyone involved in affiliate marketing. Wether you're an affiliate, network owner, affiliate manager it really doesn't matter we want you here! We plan to add forums, tools and resources to help everyone do good business via the site.
    • Knowledge Base - We believe we can become the biggest affiliate marketing forum and knowledge base online pretty quickly. We already have thousands of members and posts and people helping each other out. If we continue to ask questions and help this will be achieved in no time.
    • Business Hub - Like I mentioned above we want to establish each others roles within the industry and then help connect those who need to be connected. We feel we're setting a platform down to create the busiest affiliate business hub on the internet.
    • Future Events and Meetings - We invasion future affiliate marketing events and meetings. Wether it's our own event, us sponsoring or us sending members and arranging them, we want to be the go to place for all affiliate events and meet ups, connecting people together.
These are just four elements of what we know AffiliateFix really wants to achieve and will achieve asap. Our mission and vision is ridiculously huge but we know with the right amount of work we can achieve it.

The Beta Launch of AffiliateFix.com

The move isn't just about branding, we've started completely from scratch. The new site was 100% custom built to suit your needs. Everything has had a full makeover and is beautifully presented. The code is all clean and the site is now fully responsive on all devices and mobiles. The updates are endless but here's a few that stand out,

This is just a start and i've hardly scratched the surface. Over the next week or two I will be emailing and blogging daily about one new feature a day. I will also record a video of my screen to ensure you get the most out of the new site and platform.

Feedback and Thank You's

As always I want your feedback and suggestions, this project has always been about you guys so I need to hear what you think! This is purely the first step of AffiliateFix and we have lots of exciting announcements to make over the coming months. This is in no way a finished product we have merely just set the standard now.

I'd like to thank a few people who've pushed me through the past few months to get this done, through thick and thin. Andy a guy I met on CPAFix who now runs another one of my companies with me has been as always a hero. My team and main forum developers Sam and Lauri, thanks for putting up with me! Of corse my mate Virgil from AffKit.com. Anyone who i've pestered on Skype or help me in some way, thank you! My girlfriend Josie and family who I love very much, but most of all - YOU! Without you guys I wouldn't be living the life of my dreams and wouldn't have this entrepreneurial fire in my stomach. Here's to the next chapter guys, lets making it damn big!
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