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Getting to know Charles Ngo, your Expert Affiliate for the Week!

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Getting to know Charles Ngo, your Expert Affiliate for the Week!

Next week is the start of our exciting new affiliate expert weeks, and i'm delighted to introduce our first expert, Charles Ngo. Charles has been instrumental in planning these weeks and helping me out with the structure so i'd firstly like to thank him for that. This will be the first of many expert weeks IF you guys make the most out of them. I've opened up Charles's forum early so you can get your questions in over the weekend! Just simply start a new thread here and post your questions. All posts will go to moderation until Monday when Charles will be unleashed to support you guys!

Each week prior to our expert weeks we will steadily get to know the expert a little more and introduce you to them and their backgrounds. I sent a few questions to Charles, so let's see what he had to say!

Charles Ngo

Charles Ngo, Internet Marketer
Twitter: www.twitter.com/dr_ngo
Blog: www.CharlesNgo.com

So Charles, tell us your background and how and when you got into affiliate marketing?

I graduated from Georgia Tech with a marketing degree 5 years ago. Immediately after graduating I started working for a internet marketing agency and I helped on managing a Fortune 500 Adwords account. While working my 9-5 job, I would work 6-2am every night on my affiliate marketing. After 6 months I was able to quit my job.

I have an extensive biography about my internet marketing journey here.
The Rise of Ngo: Chapter 1 - The Blog of Internet Marketer Charles Ngo - Affiliate Marketing
When did you start your blog and why?

I started my blog a little over a year ago. When I first started in the industry, blogs helped me stay motivated and learn. I noticed many affiliate marketing bloggers stopped updating over the past few years, so I decided to step it up and start my own.
We don't see you selling anything on your blog, do you monetize it in anyway or whats the purpose of it?

I just added few banners up to help pay for the costs of running the blog, but I definitely don't monetize it to its full potential. I'm more concerned about growing the readership and I feel that too many sales pitches on the blog would turn away potential readers.
You seem to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle is that fair to say? How often do you travel etc?

I'm really into the whole lifestyle design of the business. A few years ago I did have an office in Atlanta with 4 full-time employees. Despite making more money, I wasn't necessarily happier. I realized that the whole point I started affiliate marketing was to be able to travel.

I spent 3 years living abroad in Asia. Now I've moved back to Bangkok in order to focus more on work, but I can take a few months off whenever I want to travel. I was in Ibiza last week, I'm in Bangkok this week, and I'll be in Singapore next week. There's not many industries that have this freedom.
Would you call yourself an affiliate marketer or an entrepreneur?

I'd call myself an affiliate marketer first. I love what I do and haven't really moved on to other businesses. Eventually I'll move on, but for now I enjoy doing affiliate marketing and teaching others.
Do you earn money via other means or just via affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is my main source of income - I use the money to invest in some things offline. I've always believed in sticking to what you know so I'm dedicating my time and energy at improving my craft.

What is hot right now in affiliate marketing and what is your expertise of knowledge?

The two hottest area areas in affiliate marketing are the adult dating niche and mobile marketing. I'm pretty knowledgeable in all aspects of affiliate marketing except free traffic sources.
Do you see a strong future in affiliate marketing and how have the recent changes affected you?

Affiliate marketing will always be growing. I have to deal with changing regulations and rules from governments, traffic sources, and advertisers. This affects me heavily since I like to get really aggressive with my marketing, and I have to adapt to what works. Being able to adapt with the times is one of the most important traits to being a successful affiliate.
So next week your going to be answering question from all of the members on AffiliateFix, are you nervous or excited?

I'm not really nervous since I get tons of questions on a daily basis. I'm definitely excited because I think some members of the forum haven't heard of me before and I love reaching new audiences.
What sort of areas are you most knowledgable in and what should our members be questioning you on?

As far as internet marketing's concerned I'm pretty knowledgeable in all areas except free traffic sources. I have extensive experience in Adwords, Media buying, Facebook, Plentyoffish, and Mobile. Outside of internet marketing I've studied productivity extensively. I'm always looking for ways to get more done, so I can have more free time to enjoy.
How do you think AffiliateFix and it's forums can benefit marketers?

I think forums can be a great place to ask questions on if you're confused about something, and you can also use them as a way to connect with like-minded people. Just make sure you balance out your reading with some action.

No one ever "read" their way to riches.

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