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CPAInfinity Affiliate Network Stands the Test of Time.

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CPAInfinity Affiliate Network Stands the Test of Time.

The following is a Send me Something review by Oliver Kenyon. If you or your company is interested in participating in your own Send me Something you can contact me or view more details on our advertise page here. Send me Something is an original and unique idea from AffiliateFix Ltd and is a great way to get exposure for your company with a unique angle.


CPAInfinity is a performance based affiliate network ran by Stephen Stepanik. Founded in 2011 it’s surpassed many other networks launched at the same time and has watched many since come and go. Offering top affiliates a place to call home, treating them more as part of the family and someone they truly value.

Stephen reached out for my office address a few weeks back and told me he wanted to send me something timeless, similar to his network that id be able to enjoy for a long time. Stephen and I have communicated online since CPAFix first launched and I was excited to see what was coming my way.


I always love it when a network or client wants to participate in send me something, although I could charge a premium rate for these write ups and reviews I find it way more exciting to get creative with gifts etc. I was really looking forward to Stephens gift arriving and when my doorbell rang I was FAR from disappointed. Stephen had previously asked me some questions about what I like and don’t like. He kept hinting about seeing me not wearing a watch in my pictures on Facebook etc and I remember him asking if I would wear one. Although they've never interested me in the past the thought of a really nice watch definitely excited me.

What I was about to open however blew my expectations out of the water. I was handed a box by the delivery man and on the top read the name “Tissot”. Now bear in mind I didn't know anything about watches, I always remember being told by a close friend that “Tissot” is one of the best makes you can get if you're just starting out in the watch game! To me the name doesn't matter but what did matter was that in this box was an incredibly well made, well presented and pretty darn expensive watch!

This is by far one of the coolest presents I have ever received and if Stephen wanted to make an impression he truly achieved it. I was also happy to receive a cool hoody to go with the watch that had Stephens company logos on. One day when I get my big office I will do a wall of fame with all these hoodies :)!

What else can I say but thank you so much Stephen and CPAInfinity team! This was one of the coolest presents ever and I seriously love wearing this beast, thank you.



As I said above CPAInfinity is one of those very few networks that have stood the test of time. Now over 3 years old the network continues to grow under Stephens guidance. Although they aren't as big and as flashy as some of their competitors this is the way Stephen wants it to be. Knowing Stephen for the previous few years I can tell you he wanted to build a stable network that truly looked after the people they work with. It wouldn't matter if you earn big or small CPAInfinity treats you like part of the family and nurtures your progression. From personally working with them they have a solid team behind them with coders, affiliate managers and an owner who leads from the front. I think the most notable thing about CPAInfinity is the number of direct offers with high payouts. I’ve rarely seen an offer on their network that can be beaten in price on another network and that's where Stephen has the edge. So many networks are after the quick buck and scrub the margin from their affiliates, not the case with CPAInfinity!

If you’re looking for a solid network thats only going to continue to grow, join CPAInfinity. I like to work with people who have a little class, send me that watch just shows what sort of a guy and team is behind this network.

Stephen told me since that he uses this watch company to send out gifts to his top performing publishers, intact they are currently holding a contest to give away an amazing laptop and cash. You can view the contest here.

I’m also excited to announce Stephens latest project, LeadTotal.


LeadTotal is the latest launch from Stephen and his team and one I'm seriously excited about. If you didn't know one of my other companies Landing Page Guys builds responsive landing pages for lead generation companies and others. Stephen has already reached out to work together on some pages for his new lead generation network and has shown me some amazing offers they already have.

Lead generation is in my opinion by far the most solid type of affiliate marketing. Purely down to the fact that companies always need leads and if done correctly can be promoted on most platforms without the need to cloak etc. Stephen along side industry known Cory and has created a lead generation only affiliate network. Offering affiliates some incredible exclusive offers along side the best landers in the industry (soon to be built by yours truly!).

Although very new I’m very excited to see where this ones heading and be on the look out for LeadTotal doing big things this year.

Once again a HUGE thank you to the CPAInfinity and LeadTotal team, and a big thank you to my friend Stephen for the gifts..

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