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Annual Affiliate Marketing Award Winners.

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Annual Affiliate Marketing Award Winners.

Throughout the month of December we held our second annual affiliate marketing awards. More than 500 votes were collected and your winners have been declared. Affiliates voted on 7 different categories including the most prestigious award: Network of the Year. The awards are voted on by the people who have the most valued opinion, the affiliates. If you were lucky enough to win or claim runner up spot firstly you should feel very proud of your achievement and secondly a big congratulations.

It's been a great year for affiliate marketing and each and everyone of these winners below deserves credit.



Network of the Year:

Winner: PeerFly
Runner Up: MaxBounty

Best Newcomer Network:

Winner: CPAGrip
Runner Up: Society Invite

Incentive Network of the Year:

Winner: AdworkMedia
Runner Up: CPAGrip

Affiliate Manager of the Year:

Winner: Luke Kling (PeerFly)
Runner Up: Dennis Weiss (AdWorkMedia)

Network Owner of the Year:

Winner: Steven Sauve (MaxBounty)
Runner Up: Carter Matzinger (Ksix), Chad French (PeerFly), John Wilson (CPAGrip)

Affiliate Marketing Blog of the Year:

Winner: LukePeerFly.com
Runner Up: CharlesNgo.com

Affiliate Marketing Tool of the Year:

Winner: WhatRunsWhere
Runner Up: Prosper202
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