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Affiliate Marketing Experts Weeks, First Expert Revealed

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Affiliate Marketing Experts Weeks, First Expert Revealed

Affiliate marketing experts weeks is an original concept thought out by the team here at AffiliateFix. Never before has this been done and we're extremely excited to see how things pan out. The idea is that we invite an experienced and well rounded affiliate to be our guest of honour for one week. Now by guest of honour we don't mean they get to sit around and be waited on, in-fact it's quite the opposite.

Each expert has agreed to devote their week to AffiliateFix and it's members in order to communicate and educate with our members. This is completely free of charge to all members on the site and the experts will be active once a day during their weeks to answer your questions. Each time we run an expert week, we will devote a new forum at the top of the site to that expert. It is in this forum where you will be encouraged to post your questions, follow alongs and anything you wish the expert to cast an eye on for you.

We have over 5 amazing guests lined up already all whom have incredible track records in affiliate and internet marketing and are willing to do this completely free of charge because they believe in the Fix. All experts who have signed up so far would normally charge thousands for consultancy and coaching so this is a huge opportunity for everyone on the forums.

The experts will be active in their forums for a whole week interacting and offering their vast experience completely for free. After their week is ended they will be invited to continue being a senior member of the forums and we hope each will fall in love with the place and stick around. However, YOU guys have a huge part to play in that!

We need you!

In order to make these weeks work we need you to help us out! We've done our part on securing and setting up these weeks but it's then down to you to get the most of them! This is an incredible opportunity for all our members to ask guys who've made thousands if not millions online via affiliate marketing. We need to make sure we start with a bang!

I will be leading up to the weeks in the week prior with an introduction to each expert and some interesting facts, interviews and background. Each expert has a different background and expertise so it's down to you guys to make the most out of the weeks! Please make sure you check your emails and as soon as we start the weeks we need you on the forums posting your questions. If the first week works like we know it can this will be a huge feature of the Fix for years to come!

Where else do you get completely free coaching and Q and A with the biggest affiliates on the planet?

First Expert Revealed

I'd like to introduce you to our first expert who will be kicking off the proceedings next week, Charles Ngo.

Charles is a bright blogger, entrepreneur but most importantly experienced affiliate marketer. He started his internet journey in 2007 whilst working at the local gas station. He soon realised he could earn 4x what he would in a day at the station using a "hot deal arbitrage" on his computer. In 2007 he walked into the gas station and quit his job!

Nearly 7 years on he is establishing him self as an informative and honest affiliate marketer and blogger and has recently been invited to give talks and seminars at popular marketing events. Charles is now earning a passive income from paid traffic and his expertise ranges from media buying to mobile and social traffic. He's gathering an amazing reputation from his peers and is one of the most honest guys on the circuit. He even claims himself to be "Among the best in the world at what I do".

We will be doing some coverage and interviewing Charles this week on the affiliate marketing blog, but you can do your own research by visiting CharlesNgo.com

A big thank you to Charles for his enthusiastic commitment and help planning the "weeks".

Charles Ngo Expert Week

When: Monday 14th October - Friday 18th October.
Where: Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix

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