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A Beginner's Guide To Media Buying | AffiliateFix.com and WhatRunsWhere

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A Beginner's Guide To Media Buying | AffiliateFix.com and WhatRunsWhere

Yesterday I was joined along side media expert and VP at WhatRunsWhere David Kelly on an amazing media buying webinar. David started from the beginning showing us how to get prepared for our first media buys and talked about the advantages and disadvantages of going direct Vs using a platform. He also covered why and how you should be doing your media buying intelligence and research and shared lots of great tips!

The replay is ready to watch below and will be available until Monday morning where it will then be archived inside The Dojo along side previous webinars. Thanks again to David and the guys from WhatRunsWhere for taking the time to put together such a great informational webinar. I'd also like to thank David for offering AffiliateFix member and EXCLUSIVE WhatRunsWhere 7 day trial that you won't find anywhere else! Make sure you take full advantage of this now as we don't know how long they will be offering it!

Webinar Replay

This webinar is now archived within The Dojo.


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