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5 tips to staying motivated whilst earning a living online.

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5 tips to staying motivated whilst earning a living online.

Working online by yourself can be a hard task on it's own, let alone when lack of motivation and depression kicks in. I personally started working full time on my online business earlier this year, and i know i'm not alone when i say it can be hard at times to get motivated!

As an entrepreneur earning a living online can be amazing, but there are times when motivation is the one thing holding you back from having a productive day. For me, the key to justifying a great weeks business is keeping that fire in my belly going and staying motivated until the end of the week. If you are lucky enough to find the key to "how to earn a living online" then these following tips may help you push on when feeling unmotivated or fed up!

Keep a Notepad and Pen

When working online you can have several tasks going on all at once. I personally find i have about 20 thoughts in my head all at the same time, it gets even worse when i log off the computer. So what i do and would strongly advice to do is keep a notepad and pen by your side at all times. If an idea or something you know you need to do pops into your head, write it down! This stops it going through your heads cycle and gives your a clear list of what to do. Which brings me to my next point.

Work to a List

One of the best tips to staying motivated by yourself is to work to a list. Like i mention above i personally write down several points every day that i know i need to follow up. First thing in the morning compile those points into a list of things you need to do for the day and stick to it until its done! As a chef we would always have a list of prep we needed to do before the day was finished, i treat my business making a living online the same.

Switch of all Distractions

One of the hardest things to do is to isolate your work when your on a computer. Especially these days with all the social networks and apple products that ping at almost everything. However sometimes it really benefits to switch everything off and log out of your online accounts. Whenever i write a blog post for example i will appear offline on Skype and close down my Facebook page. They are unneeded distractions!

Take a Break and go for a run

Possibly the best piece of advice i can offer you and what personally works best for me is to take a break and go for a run! It can be hard to justify going for a run or leaving your work station when you haven't done much work due to lack of motivation. However i find this the single most powerful method when it comes down to it! I plug in my headphones and head of out for a quick burn out. I find i tend to almost start a fresh when out running and i usually come back with 100's of ideas. I think of the best concepts when i run.

Network with others

By this i mean get in contact and don't be afraid to reach out to others within your field. By creating contacts and networking you can truly motivate yourself purely based on other motivation! If i reach out and talk to someone within my business, and they tell me how well they are doing etc i get really angry and want to out do them! Of course not directly to them but i suddenly get a rush of motivation. Another plus is ideas and joint ventures can be made, and you can unexpectedly find motivation from others.

There are many other ways i stay motivated but i think these are the key points a practise every day to keep myself pushing forward. What methods do you use to staying motivated whilst making a living online?

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