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16 CPA Networks advise you on how to get started in CPA Marketing.

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16 CPA Networks advise you on how to get started in CPA Marketing.

I'm pretty sure this will become one of the most read articles in CPA marketing history. A privilege of owning this cost per action resource is that i get to network with some amazing people. So i thought to myself why not utilise my connections and relationships with some of the best CPA networks and gather some exclusive "CPA marketing tips" for my members. I wanted to get answers from inside the affiliate networks who have access to the numbers being pushed everyday. So i contacted some of my close colleagues and friends and put the question to them,

"How would you get started in CPA, with a small budget".

Now please bare in mind over a third of the personnel questioned once started as a newbie affiliate with no money. Also bare in mind every single one of the personnel questioned now owns or works for a top CPA network. We will analyse the answers after, but for now let's see what the Affiliate Marketing network experts had to say.

David White | ClickDealer

Matt Lovett | WOWTrk

John Kitover | Secure Website Partner

Stephen Stepanik | CPA Infinity

Vito Glazers | CPATank

John Dutton | CPAAlpha

Jake Antifaev | Notorious CPA

Luke Kling | PeerFly

Eric Smith | ClickRover

Vineet Gupta | 1GreatCPA

Ryan Eagle | EWA and BLAM Ads

Jos Bell | Neverblue

Kris Trujillo | XRev Media

Joseph D Salmons | Operation Offers

David Mackler | AdWork Media

Brian Pedder | Get Offers Direct


It's extremely hard to put everything above into a few bullet points. However i really hope this gives you some new ideas and inspiration for CPA marketing.

After reading everyones views i can see a few trends. Quite a few people mention running traffic on 7Search PPC network, which i also believe is a good place to start with a minimal budget as it's newbie friendly and you can get in the positives! CPAFix have a great 7Search Coupon also available. Likewise i see SEO being mentioned a lot, this is due to the low cost and rewarding results. I also agree with SEO as a great starting point, i think the main point is to pick something you are interested in.

Another massive point that is mentioned several times is to build your email list. No matter what stage of marketing you are at, i would advice you do this straight away! I only wish i'd had this advise when i started CPA marketing as i'd be a very rich man by now! Capturing your own email addresses allows you to follow up with emails and market to that consumer until they opt out! Thousands of dollars may be left on the table if you fail to do this!

Make sure you have read the Newbie 411 a few times as it breaks down 7Search and SEO in detail for you. Another great point i saw was working with someone else, a great idea is to find someone with different strengths than you but with the same goal. Work with each other and utilise each others strengths until you achieve what you want.

Overall i think this is an amazing starting point to get some great ideas for newbies in Affiliate Marketing. Id like to personally and on behalf of CPAFix thank everyone involved and we will bring you more posts like this if it gets good reviews!
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