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New Site very few sales

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by dovroc, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. dovroc

    dovroc Affiliate affiliate


    I launched my site around half a year ago.
    I have had an adwords campaign running, but the cost was high and no hits turned into sales, so that's currently paused.

    So far I have only made a few sales.

    Would you say there is anything about the site which is putting people off buying, or can you think of any improvements i need to consider?.

    Many Thanks!!!
  2. Aspen01

    Aspen01 Affiliate affiliate

    Have you tried google products? This is a good way of getting your products seen.

    Hope that helps...:)
  3. technologynow

    technologynow Affiliate affiliate

    Google Analytics will tell you how many times your site has been access by Google both with and without payment.

    You should check the stats without payment.

    Google should be sending you an increasing number of visitors over the past year. If it didn't then you need to do some work on the site.
  4. temi

    temi Facilitator affiliate

    The site looks quite nice, adding shopping cart facility to the site could make buying from it easier. You can also engage the services of specialist ecommerce SEO company like Boss Cart to give you a professional assessment of how to make it effectively.
  5. Russel

    Russel Affiliate affiliate

    Your website is well designed and it looks good. If you are not getting sales on your website then it is due to less amount of traffic on your website.

    I wouldn't suggest you to look for any company to improve traffic for your website and I would suggest you to follow some of the SEO techniques yourself to get good amount of visitors on your website. Also, it would be a good option to offer some kind of support to visitors through emails or live chat so that a visitor can chat with someone and choose the best possible product according to the requirements.
  6. Rufus

    Rufus Affiliate affiliate

    It would better to approach a worthy and reliable SEO company. These people would certainly give you required information to convert hits into sales.
  7. lacee14

    lacee14 Affiliate affiliate

    yes, its very hard to attract new customers for new websites, let's work hard...
  8. lacee14

    lacee14 Affiliate affiliate

    and for seo company, is there any advice? how can we find the seo company is good, not just spam?
  9. DesignsOnline

    DesignsOnline Affiliate affiliate

    Ask for some of their previous clients and then check out what keywords they used etc for that client, and see how they are ranking. Also remember to actually contact the customers of theirs and ask them what the companyt is like to work with etc.

    Then finally do a search for the compan and see if you can find anyone complaining about them (or praising them).
  10. bw1

    bw1 Affiliate affiliate

    Theres a few things you could do, even sign up with an affilliate programme (Try not to pay so much for this and in your banners make your website address known - brand awareness) and see if they will sell your products.

    Put your products through google and yahoo.

    In SEO you could write articles to get your website recognised for keywords that people would buy on. Like "buy luggage"

    Use the google adwords tool to see what people are searching, starting on keywords that are a little less competitive and work your way up.

    Only exchange links with good PR - submit to good PR directories

    Register your business in the Google directory (its free)

    Look for relevant sites to yours or ones that would complement it and ask them if you can advertise on those sites with a banner (you'll probably find you get a better deal than forking all your money out to adwords!)
  11. pingpipe

    pingpipe Affiliate affiliate

    if you are getting the traffic but not getting sales one thing you may want to consider is having your shopping cart url the same as your domain name...being redirected to a different domain name in the browser (as it does now) could be a deal-breaker for potential clients.
  12. Affiliate affiliate

    Initally you will receive few sales as your website is new.This is because your page hasnot been craweld in google.

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