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Official Affiliate Trading

We provide the connection between the three parties: Advertisers - Network - Publisher,...

  1. jasonbrown

    jasonbrown Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    We provide the connection between the three parties: Advertisers - Network - Publisher, aims to bring high profit and revenue for all three parties and become a best network. We have a minimum of 350 + campaigns available daily, We give you the Offers with good conversion and highest that you can see it anywhere in this industry. Here, we have almost all the categories Offers that you are looking for, including all the non-exclusive offers and our own proprietary.

    We will make payment net-30 for the first month. Once you have established a solid foundation for high-quality conversion, we will set you to monthly, bi-monthly payouts.

    We bring you the most optimal solution for marketing campaigns. To find and bring for you the best and most optimal for CPA campaigns. If you want more information you can contact your manager.

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  2. Rush

    Rush Affiliate affiliate

    Hello everyone,

    I am an expert in marketing cpa industry for over 10 years and I have had a lot of experience with many large networks such as: EWA Private Network, Envyus Media, BLAM Ads Content Locking, Affiliate Trading, AdWork Media, MaxBounty, PeerFly, Convert2Media, Neverblue, Clickbank. I've been working with these networks and done with them more than $ 200,000.00 per month. All of the networks that I worked, I have never seen a better network than Affiliate Trading Network.

    I love Affiliate Trading Network because they always pay on time. I started to work for them 11 month ago and I didn't miss any payment from them. Eric and AffiliateTrading team are always available and help me and their attitude is very positive. Commision is highest and their offers has good convert rate. I'll stick with them for a long while and I hope they will grow up. Highly recommend Afiliate trading to anyone interested in this industry. AWESOME network !

    Here is a payment on December I received from


    Right now, just sign up through my link refer and i will help to to get approved soon.

    Sign Up Now+ Marketing + their help + develop === $$$$$$$$$$$ :cool:
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2013
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  3. jennyN

    jennyN Affiliate affiliate

    Affiliate Trading is the best company.
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  4. dongk43

    dongk43 Affiliate affiliate

  5. you are not paying me only my few sales commissions even not shown me in my account when i was promoting the offers and the client told me he deposited and wanted me to guide him i login to see my commission in my account then i saw 0 balance lolz
    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2015
  6. jasonbrown

    jasonbrown Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    It looks like this guy was trying to create fraudulent conversion. In addition, he sent me an email very clownish.
    I asked this guy to provide information about what he said so we can get back to this guy. However, I do not get any feedback! lol
  7. O Sir just now i was logging in to my account to let here show my tickets and your answers but i got this message during login (Cannot login. Account blocked.) even before my any post here i was not blocked after this post i got blocked may i know if i was fraudulent then why you dont block me before posting here? why after got my post here you block me?
    by the way thank you so much for your this kind behave.
  8. jasonbrown

    jasonbrown Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I checked and found that the quality inspection department has locked your account due to they received a complaint from advertiser. In addition, you have breached the terms on our network.
    I checked and did not see any feedback from you about the information that I requested to be able to get back to you. I just saw your post here and it is simply an article that does not have anything else to verify what you say.
  9. till last time i was waiting for your reply on your network and could not see any reply from you then i was not going to login in again coz i was thinking that you are just scam site
    why you dont send me email if you was required any information and i was not logging in to my account on your network sir?
  10. jasonbrown

    jasonbrown Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Also, I checked your account and saw that you were trying to change the information on your account from "FUTURE CARE EXPERTSS" to "syed muhammad ali bukhari".

    Your account has been created from a Switzerland IP but your information is PK.
    Everything is clear. You simply leave a comment without anything else to confirm what you say.
    I checked everything with Nick before I send your answer here. However, we are not interested in the comments as your comment. Because it is only a fake comment.
    Everyone can check out the screenshots and then know this guy is a randy guy.






    I recommend the network should stay away from this guy. Because he will try to cause problems while you are trying to help him. Lol
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  11. jasonbrown

    jasonbrown Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I think everything is clear. Because this guy can not provide any proof or information about what he was saying.
    Everything should end here because this guy's account has been locked due to bad traffic quality.
    Just listed here so that everyone can check.

    syed muhammad ali bukhari - Google+ []
  12. If I was fraudulent then I could provide you information and proof about the person who made purchase I tried to contact again to him and he not replied me but you do not give me chance to explain there by the way thank you for posting screenshoots Everybody can see and may know who is what.
  13. It's a big lie that my account created by any other person or location but you can say anything now Coz you have access a network and daily if you hide 2 to 3 sales of some of affiliates whom Don't know how many sales they are having.
  14. jasonbrown

    jasonbrown Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Just check and see that this guy is just a clown and not understanding.
    Because Hasoffers is working on real time and each conversion will record in real time. A new guy is trying to create fraudulent conversion and no knowledge of this industry.
    This guy was just trying to let people know he's a bad guy because he has nothing else to confirm what he said. He can not give us any information or proof of what he said. Lol. It is a farce
    Right now, I can confirm that [syed muhammad ali bukhari] is a bad and publishers should be removed from this industry.
    He tried to register an account on our network with false information and then edit the account information after it is approved.

    Sign Up IP Address: ==> Switzerland
    Sign 2nd from IP ==> Pakistan
    Address: mohalla noor shah buhkari inside mahmood park, Ahmedpur East, Punjab, PK 63350

    His Info: Awesome Screenshot

    Check Sign Up IP Address: Awesome Screenshot

    Information has been edited by this guy: Awesome Screenshot

    ==> Everything is clear syed mohammad ali bukhari [] is a bad publisher

    I ask Admin - check to remove this guy and his comments out of the forum. is a CPA network has been operating in this industry for over 5 years and the conversion is recorded in real time by Hasoffers - ENTERPRISE. Affiliate Trading Network is a professional network and we are developing on the basis of each day. We just need to keep everything going up and remove the bad publishers out of this industry.
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  15. Hello Dear Respected Manager I am here not for fight and let me just explain you check the ip hosted i am using zenmate for the youtube maybe it still on its not any true ip of any other location the youtube is blacklisted in pakistan and the name you saying about future care experts that is the name of company but i created the an account as individual so i changed the name of account holder as only individual and be cool please i dont want fight with you like this i only told here what i got from your site you not paid me thats it.
    no need to blame me like this you acting.
    please dont mind if i used any wrong word about your network i dont know why you are saying this much even only i told you that during promote your link somebody told me that he did deposit and he want his bonus and something kind this which i offered him in my method.... then i asked you that why you did not add my commission.
    Thanks for your this behave dear but please dont blame me that i am a cheater.
    and kindly add the traffic screenshoot also how much visitors you got from me?
    all was unique visitors
  16. jasonbrown

    jasonbrown Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I think you should provide proof of what you are saying here to prove you are an honest publisher. Because you have been listed in the blacklist as a bad publisher.
    In addition, you should contact your account manager to check what you have done and the quality of your traffic.
    Because not the place for you to make a farce and it is not the place to argue like this.
    Thank you for your understanding.
  17. Ok Sir Actually i am trying to contact my that client who said he deposited and placed the some bids but he is not answering yet
    But leave it maybe he lied or maybe he lost the link or copy past link problem which can be the problem about the purchase tracking.
    by the way may i continue to your network if you dont mind please?

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