The number one affiliate marketing forum with the best guides, tools, methods and support. Amazing value for money at an affordable one time payment.
  • One time payment only! No monthly costs, no hidden prices.
  • Lifetime membership to The Dojo and tools.
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  • Support and coaching at no additional cost.

What is The Dojo?

AffiliateFix and have created the first ever one time payment ultimate affiliate marketing forum.

The forum was created to give people who want to get the right head start in affiliate marketing an affordable and sensible option. Not everyone can afford the high cost monthly rates to join other coaching programs so we created one just as good but affordable for people just like YOU! Inside you'll find all the guides, methods, tools and support in order to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Why Join?

  • One time low cost payment for lifetimes access to everything.
  • Over 4 pages full of guides, added to weekly.
  • Tools needed to ensure your campaigns are profitable.
  • Community of over 400 members, all willing to succeed.
  • Support and guides from super affiliates.
  • Guaranteed network approvals with The Dojo referral team.
  • Step by step guides and videos that are easy to follow.
  • Incredibly innovative layout thats unique and original.

Inside The Forums

With over 12,000 registered members, AffiliateFix is the ultimate resource for affiliate marketing. Easily navigate The Dojo with our unique easy to access sidebar.
  • Easy to search for what you want to find.
  • Each guide prefixed with stylish icons.
  • Each thread beautifully presented.
  • Clear and precise step by step methods.
  • Easy search function to find your niche.
  • Support forums to encourage questions.
  • Follow along forums for your own campaigns.

The Tools

Efficient tools and scripts specialized for your affiliate marketing needs, all in one place. No more time wasted searching and testing broken scripts and tools. Be a smart affiliate. The Dojo & AffKit allows you to focus only on what brings you money.


Exit popup script

The Exit Pop-Up script helps you get the most of your traffic, re-engaging the users that want to leave your website/landing page.


Geo redirection

If you are dealing with international traffic, this Geo redirection script is a must.This will help you redirect the visitors to specific offers that are available in their country based on IP geo-location.


Urgency countdown timer

If you want to increase the conversion rate of your landing page this countdown timer script is the way to go. This works by creating a sense of urgency and forces the user to take action without overthinking it.


Email integration tool

The easiest and fastest way to integrate Mailchimp or AWeber into a landing page. In a few seconds your squeeze page will be able to capture emails and start building your list.


Image resizer and cropper

Use this tool to quickly prepare your banners, cropping and resizing a batch of images in the minimum time possible, faster than any image editing software. It saves you tons of hours of work.


Banner tweaker

Increases your banner CTR by applying 10 different image effects to the image, making it more eye-catching.


Landing page protection

Anyone who is using landing pages should use this to protect their campaigns. This smart tool will help you drive traffic from the thief without him knowing that. It also uses some extra protection like HTML encryption or Right Click blocking.


CPA break even calculator

Very handy calculator that gives you an idea of what CPC and CR you should aim for to make the campaign profitable, including how much you need to spend, based on different variables, to break-even

That's not all! We have over 14 tools available.

Must-have scripts for any affiliate marketer. There is no coding knowledge required to implement them. The Affkit interface allows you to easily configure and put them up on your page in no time. We are adding new tools every single month on your suggestions at no additional cost!

All of these tools + lifetime membership to AffKit is included
in the one time, low cost payment!

What are People Saying about The Dojo?

"The Dojo is probably the most organized affiliate marketing forum available and the fact that it is just an exclusive section of AffiliateFix makes it incredibly convenient." - LukePeerFly

Brands That Trust in The Dojo

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What you'll get with The Dojo and
AffKit LIFETIME membership

  • 100+ guides, resources and case studies - worth $1100+

    Value explained: We could easily sell on average each guide between $7 and $15, but they are worth much more.

  • LIFETIME coaching and support from private community of succesful affiliates - worth $1000+/mo

    Value explained: If we sum up the time each affiliate spends to advise and help you, for an entire life (you get LIFETIME access), taking into account how valuable their time is, literally priceless.

  • LIFETIME access to AffKit tools - worth $1020+

    Value explained: $17/month for at least, let's say 5 years(even if you get LIFETIME access, not just 5 years to all of them). Do the math.

Priceless BONUS:

...and all of this is for LIFETIME, no more payments.

  • 24/7 free support on The Dojo
  • 24/7 free support on AffKit
  • Access to all the new guides, tutorials, resources we are adding constantly
  • Access to all the new tools that will be added each month
Total worth: $3,120+ (without the bonus)
ALL the FEATURES including the BONUS is just... $249!
However, we're offering a special discount for today only! Save more than 25% 35%!
Get lifetime membership for a one time payment of only $147

Frequently Asked Questions

QWhy such a low price?


Dojo members always tell us that we should make some webinars, show real value and sell for $x,xxx thousands. Well, the thing is.... we don't want to make money from you. REALLY!!! If we wanted to, we could have easily sold it for a monthly membership, like other forums do, not at the ONE-TIME fee, for LIFETIME membership.

QWhy The Dojo and not others?


You're more than welcome to join other forums, there're some great resources out there. However we've created a unique and successful model at a low cost one time payment. We are the only one time payment forum online and we've proven our model works! Don't forget you never have to pay another penny with us! (Yes I know we're mad!).

QWhat methods and niche’s are covered inside?


Because we're constantly adding to The Dojo every week, the guides and niches are always being added to. Currently we have methods and follow alongs for most major niches and traffic sources including, Facebook, PoF, Twitter, Google, PPV and more. Guides are added to monthly and you can request your niche or guide inside The Dojo.

QHow can you guarantee network approvals?


We can't but what we can do is almost guarantee it. AffiliateFix works closely with all the major affiliate networks and is WELL respected within the industry. Most networks listed on the site have access to The Dojo and see it as a serious addition to your resumé when applying to their network. We will personally contact the network on your behalf.

What are you waiting for? Save up to 35% today and purchase membership for only $147!

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