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  1. AlezuAlex
  2. Guilly

    Adsbridge is a great tracking software that covers all aspects that you need when to come to optmizations and data analise... Easy to use, very intuitive and great support. Recommended
  3. Anar Call-Experience
    Anar Call-Experience
    One of the greatest solutions for tracking online.
    For all those people using voluum:
    AdsBrige is way better, nor only when we speak about rates they offer, but also in serving your materials. Average offer load speed of the offer (considered for USA offer, in peak hours, while i have 30k visits per hour)
    Average page load speed with volume, stood at 1.92 seconds from New York, while when I moved to AdsBride, this parameter decreased to 0.7 seconds.
    This is not only great improvement in serving, but also granted me a superb ramp up in the results of my marketing campaigns.
    ANOTHER !!! PRO of adsbridge - comparing to Voluum - AdsBridge knows to allocate all browsers - including "Edge", which is in Voluum counted as "Chrome"
    AdsBrige support - is completely different subject for conversation. Those who familiar with "Rackspace Support" should know.. AdsBridge support almost as awesome as "rackspace's"
    I do highly recommend AdsBridge!
  4. karlm
    Brilliant Tracking Tool, Having previously used Prosper 202 i find this much more advanced. I have learnt to use it very quickly and have found the Statistics to be very detailed.
  5. Juris Krumins
    Juris Krumins
    After trying out many various networks, I found the offers to often be old and overused. I signed up for BeLikePro and was pleasantly surprised to see offers I've never seen on the web. ANYWHERE.

    Regular payouts, no hassle, and top support. Very much recommended!
  6. shafi kasmani
    shafi kasmani
    cheapest cpc at native ads but i feedback you about you must add category on setting campaign!
  7. Syrus
    Used the tools since they launch and cant complain 5/5 stars from me
  8. BigMike1337
    EPN is a wonderful affiliate network with a vast amount of ways to promote your business along with a super helpful and active community
  9. FWA
    That's Not True guys you should have really messed up with this company to not get paid , MobVista is VERY STRAIGHT and serious , got my FIRST payment after 20 days ( EVEN WITH SOME ISSUES WITH THE ADVERTISER THAT CLAIMS THAT MY TRAFFIC IS NOT GOOD ... I STILL GOT PAID IN TIME ) Mobvista is the top Mobile Ad network in 2017 with hundreds of exclusive offers ( not shitty reborekered ones on other networks ) those guys deal with direct advertisers , and they have VERY HIGH PAYOUTS , Go and Sign up With them , the best Affilliate Manager ( mine ) is Sylvie / Runyun a wonderful and very helpful woman , her skype : linrunyun & QQ : 470304046
  10. Sahil Tyagi
    Sahil Tyagi
    Top Partners as an advertiser, they trustworthy, efficient, fast and fun to work with.
  11. CaptainPicard25
    my best choice! their interstitials grew my daily revenue by 30%
  12. Kevinpro
    I hope Leadbit will continue to develop. Pleased with the regular appearance of the exclusives, clear terms of payments. Nice guys
  13. Ciamciaj
  14. mSousa
    5 months in a row that my CPM with AdMaven is getting higher each month!
  15. Genesis Mccoy
    Genesis Mccoy
    Cpadawn is one of the best network with whom I worked. A lot of offers that can be easily converted. I would like to mention that I have a lot more clicks/leads recorded than any other network.
  16. Alexisme
    I've learned so much from William over the years this is the best affiliate course online that walks your through being a newbie to earning your first money.
    5 Stars.
  17. Alexisme
    The best affiliate marketing tool kit online
    5 Stars.
  18. Nkrastins95
    Being a person who's not very smart at coding, this product saves a lot of time, energy, and resources. Just pick your template, modify, download, upload to your server and start running you campaign! Fast and easy! Another great bonus is that each template is optimized for every screen and the page by itself is "slim" as possible from HTLM code! Thumbs up!
  19. T J Tutor
    T J Tutor
    Start to finish training for those that truly want to invest in a solid future as an affiliate. This is a MUST HAVE course!
  20. ToMorrow56
    One of the first networks I tried and thank god that I did - they kick ass!