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16 CPA Networks advise you on how to get started in CPA Marketing.

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, 10-16-2012 at 02:59 PM (19197 Views)
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16 CPA Networks advise you on how to get started in CPA Marketing.

I'm pretty sure this will become one of the most read articles in CPA marketing history. A privilege of owning this cost per action resource is that i get to network with some amazing people. So i thought to myself why not utilise my connections and relationships with some of the best CPA networks and gather some exclusive "CPA marketing tips" for my members. I wanted to get answers from inside the affiliate networks who have access to the numbers being pushed everyday. So i contacted some of my close colleagues and friends and put the question to them,

"How would you get started in CPA, with a small budget"

Now please bare in mind over a third of the personnel questioned once started as a newbie affiliate with no money. Also bare in mind every single one of the personnel questioned now owns or works for a top CPA network. We will analyse the answers after, but for now let's see what the Affiliate Marketing network experts had to say.

David White | ClickDealer

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It doesn't matter what budget you have, you should start with research "what runs where" and choose traffic source you understand. Each traffic source is more or less unique and if you fail you should understand why you fail. Tracking and optimization is very important as well as creative work. Unique creatives is the way to success. To choose CPA offer ask your affiliate manager what is the best offer for your source , what offer has highest EPC and conversion rate. My favourite traffic source is Adult Popunders.Dating and gambling offers are the best for this type of traffic.

Matt Lovett | WOWTrk

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Build an email list, email marketing is one of the best ways to make money with affiliate marketing. Services like MailChimp have great deliverability and you can have a list up to 2,000 users for free on the service, they provide you with opt in boxes so its simple and quick to setup.

John Kitover | Secure Website Partner

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Start creating Tumblr accounts for 10 affiliate niches, work on SEO, and use money on craigslist postings.......

Stephen Stepanik | CPA Infinity

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I would do a small PPC Campaign, or setup an email marketing campaign with lists gathered from in-house offers. But it really depends on how small of a budget is being used.

Vito Glazers | CPATank

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Great question. The fastest and easiest way to build up a long term business online, is to focus on building an Email List. An Email List is an actual asset. Campaigns themselves are shortlived, therefore even int he unlikely event you actually get a campaign to work from the first day (which almost never happens), it is unlikely it will last long, and regardless of how big your budget is.

By building an Email list, you have a long term asset. You can buy pop ups on sites like direct CPV for as little as 1-2 pennies and turn those into ONE Email address that makes you $100 over 2-3 years.

Step: 1) Build simple biz op style landing page that captures Email Address / basic info
Step: 2) Buy pop ups on relevant urls
Step: 3) Email them quality content, dont start selling anything until you have built a relationship.
Step: 4) Email special and relevant offers only once for every 3 quality Emails you send out.
Step: 5) #Toast to success

John Dutton | CPAAlpha

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If I was just starting in CPA and didnít have a very big budget I would jump on the forums read as much as possible and get familiar with the terminology of the industry. This I would say is one of the most important parts of first starting out.

Pick out something that you are interested in. If you like coffee, build you a coffee review site. Write your own reviews of coffee that will be helpful to consumers. Make sure your content is unique only to you. Donít ever copy somebody elseís content.

After I learned the terminology and picked a niche I think I would purchase a domain and hosting. Start with WordPress. WordPress (WP) is a free content management System (CMS) that is very powerful. The search engines love WP, plus there are all kinds of plugins you can add on to your site at no cost!

Be engaging to your surfers when they leave a comment make sure to reply. This shows that you are active and pay attention.

Place banner ads on your niche. Make sure that you use banners that fit the theme that you are using. After a while you will start making conversions. Pay close attention to what people are clicking on your site. This will give you an idea of what your users are interested in.

This method will get you started in affiliate marketing. It is not a huge money maker but it is a start and will give you a taste of earning online money. Make sure to branch out and keep on open mind, think out of the box!
Make friends donít be scared to ask questions, if someone downs you for asking a question then move on to the next person and ask again. Eventually you will receive the answer you are looking for. Forums like CPAFix are very important to you at this stage, so make sure you are reading them daily!

Jake Antifaev | Notorious CPA

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The best way to start CPA with a small budget is to never put your eggs all in one basket. One thing I've learned over the past 2-3 years is that whenever I started putting all my eggs in one basket, I would fail. Take your budget, and test with small amounts. Treat it as if it was a big budget, but decrease the commas. Go after 5-6 different niches and see which ones make you the most money, THEN put a tad more bit of cash in, see how it responds and proceed from there. Everybody starts out with a small budget, including me.

Luke Kling | PeerFly

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Getting started in affiliate marketing is not as easy as most people go into it thinking. You're going to lose money on your first campaigns. You need to go into your first couple campaigns knowing that your return isn't going to be great and focus on building on what you learn from those campaigns, not worrying about losing money. I've been doing affiliate marketing for about 8 years now and I still lose money consistently, but when I make money I more than make up for the money I lost gathering data

Search PPC has always been a good starting point in my opinion, but the ad networks are getting harder and harder to work with as an affiliate. Throw away your AdWords voucher and setup a campaign on Adcenter and 7Search. They both have low barriers of entry and you can get some nice volume for pretty cheap.

Setup campaign, gather data, optimize campaign, gather more data, scale campaign, and let's make some money!

Eric Smith | ClickRover

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Invest your funds wisely by purchasing tools or technologies that assist you in building out one of your web properties. If your budget is small, then starting with display purchasing may result in a quick loss. Building your own property will allow you to quickly decrease your overhead and focus on generating a dedicated user base, resulting in cash flow that you can then invest in future endeavors.

Vineet Gupta | 1GreatCPA

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Well If you are on low budget, then very first try get offer link with higher EPC, purchase a domain related your offer, clock domain with affiliate link and choose a adverting network like 7search, adbrite microsoft adcenter or google adword. use google search engine and put your keywords and click search, You will see some websites are opening related your key words. always keep low bid on your keywords and get maximum results.
Also donít your first tier network for advertising, they maximize your profit but thatís for big budget.
always use second tier advertising network like 7search, adbrite, clicksor etc....

Never use cheap traffic, it donít work for you may be a reason for account block due to poor quality traffic.

Best of luck

Ryan Eagle | EWA and BLAM Ads

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This is critical for any affiliate thatís set up for success. You simply have to know what you should avoid and what might be worth giving a shot. Many so-called ďgurusĒ really try to overcomplicate this, so letís take a look at it with a more simple approach.

Donít think that youíll be able to achieve overnight success. Itís just not realistic. Youíll lose some and win some, thatís simply just part of the equation.

Donít choose offers based solely on how well it pays. Payouts donít tell you whether or not itís going to be a way to stack your cash easily.

Donít think that the cheapest clicks will give you the best conversion rate. Sometimes the more expensive clicks convert the best, it just depends on the niche youíre targeting.

Donít rush into launching an ad campaign as this could hurt you when you donít have the money that you can afford to lose. Focus on launching the highest quality ad campaign possible.

Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself to do just that.

Are the links properly set up?
Are your clicks being tracked accurately? This is on both ends, your affiliate account as well as your tracking platform.
Are you targeting the right people for the offer that youíre promoting?

Now that you know what to stay away from, youíre ready to get deeper into how you can advertise with limits funds available.

Jos Bell | Neverblue

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Currently I would recommend to affiliates to start with mobile offers, as I see lots of opportunity there. First of all find an offer that converts easily, and has been on a network for a while and is proven. Your Affiliate Manager should be able to help you find this offer. Do your research into creatives, control your spending, and track properly with SubIDs.

Start off by buying traffic with the CPC model instead of CPM, as with CPM you have to spend a lot more before you can optimize. But once you have an offer working well move over to CPM. This will allow you to scale and make big money.

Kris Trujillo | XRev Media

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Work with a partner that can do what you can not. If you can get offers in and he can drive traffic then work together to be a powerhouse. Or if you can build campaigns and he can drive traffic work on it that way.

Joseph D Salmons | Operation Offers

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Affiliate marketing is like any endeavour in life. Success doesnít happen most cases. Odds are you will fall down and feel like you are a failure when you first run out of the gate. This is normal and this is your first obstacle...YOU. YOU will sometimes say youíre not good enough, YOU will sometimes say youíre a failure. The truth is that everyone fails...failure is what allows us to succeed. If everyone was successful out of the gate then being successful would have no meaning at all; just like if there were only joy and never any pain. Be thankful you have pain and failure; it gives meaning to your success. To be successful you must first believe you can be successful. After you pass this obstacle then the rest is just the details.

I break it down like this.

1. Find a problem to solve 2. Get seen and noticed 3. Turn traffic into profit.

There is a common question, where do affiliates get all of their traffic? Well it doesnít happen all at once usually and it builds over time. There are hundreds of different methods to generate traffic; some may fit you, some may not. Usually you will only be dealing with a handful of traffic methods unless you have a team of people working with you. The most popular, I would think, would be Media Buying and Social media. Both of these are wide categories so finding the right fit can take some time. Finding the right content or product is based on you and what may be popular; you should be marketing a wide array of products and services unless you are in a highly specialized niche.

Here is the key

Help people. Thatís it! If you truly want to help someone by providing them with something, you will more then likely create a customer. It really is that simple when you boil it down to a singularity. It is the golden rule actually. It is really hard to sell someone, but it is really easy to solve a problem. When you position yourself to solve someoneís problem with a product or service then it becomes easier to make money. Help others accomplish what they are after and they will help you accomplish the same.

David Mackler | AdWork Media

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I see new users start out each day, and the hardest part always seems to be generating traffic. My recommendations are to use a Content Locker or Link Locker from a network, so that you can fully monetize US & INTL traffic and focus entirely on your traffic. Of course you will also need a desirable reward to motivate users to complete the offer requirement and access your content. Once that is setup build your traffic: SEO, YouTube, Forums, Banners, Paid Click/Pop Traffic, Comments, etc...Get Creative!

Brian Pedder | Get Offers Direct

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CPA marketing can be a secretive world. Without solid guidance and a system in mind, you can spin your wheels and spend all your money.

Break the process into steps: Research, Prepare, Test, Repeat.

The first thing to do is to read the Newbie 411, twice. It is full of brilliant breakdowns and definitions of the required terminology. Find a niche. It should be evergreen, something that won't drop in popularity in the next few months. Weight loss, skin care and dating are good examples. Find a few networks that have the type of offers you want to run. Compare them to make sure you get the best payout, not the biggest hype.

Consider some low or zero cost options just to get the hang of how all this works. Plenty of Fish is a great start. Search the web for self serve ad platforms. is a good intro version. You may also consider Youtube and article marketing for no-cost options.

Once you get your links out there, start the testing process. Change minor variables and see how it changes your results.

Start the process over and dial into more areas of specialization and more sophisticated methods. The most important thing is to keep trying and never, ever give up.

Remember, CPAFix is a great resource for learning the finer details of the process!


It's extremely hard to put everything above into a few bullet points. However i really hope this gives you some new ideas and inspiration for CPA marketing.

After reading everyones views i can see a few trends. Quite a few people mention running traffic on 7Search PPC network, which i also believe is a good place to start with a minimal budget as it's newbie friendly and you can get in the positives! CPAFix have a great 7Search Coupon also available. Likewise i see SEO being mentioned a lot, this is due to the low cost and rewarding results. I also agree with SEO as a great starting point, i think the main point is to pick something you are interested in.

Another massive point that is mentioned several times is to build your email list. No matter what stage of marketing you are at, i would advice you do this straight away! I only wish i'd had this advise when i started CPA marketing as i'd be a very rich man by now! Capturing your own email addresses allows you to follow up with emails and market to that consumer until they opt out! Thousands of dollars may be left on the table if you fail to do this!

Make sure you have read the Newbie 411 a few times as it breaks down 7Search and SEO in detail for you. Another great point i saw was working with someone else, a great idea is to find someone with different strengths than you but with the same goal. Work with each other and utilise each others strengths until you achieve what you want.

Overall i think this is an amazing starting point to get some great ideas for newbies in Affiliate Marketing. Id like to personally and on behalf of CPAFix thank everyone involved and we will bring you more posts like this if it gets good reviews!


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    Very good compilation. I liked the working with someone part of it but I can't seem to find a trusted person that would go through the trouble and work with me. The only people I trust either already have partners or are successful enough that they wouldn't need to work with me to earn a good amount.
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